Saturday, 28 January 2012

The purple phase ....Bazinga !!

Today is a perfect day, there is sunshine , its Saturday and the best thing is no heavy traffic .. Usually I am chilled out on Saturdays so decided to do a purple/lilac look today :)

So talking about the plans for today , hubby dearest has downloaded new season of Big Bang Theory...we plan to stay at home and watch that.. Btw I am in <3 with Sheldon... Bazingaaaaaaa....
I am surprised to see that as per he lacks social skills as the character still he is everyone's favourite.. I like these series because of him ... Why can't we also have similar series in India or the regular audience still enjoys the usual saas bahu serials?? lolzzz...
Remember Kyonki Saas Bhi kabhi Bahi the ... lasted for like 10 years ... ooppsss !!

Blue jeggings , black long leather boots, velvet jacket, lilac sweater and silk printed scarf.

Ok, I was asked to be careful while getting this pic clicked because of the hanging wires ... oohh scary !!

I am driving a rikshaw today .. lolzz...
You can say that's my part time profession ... to meet the demands in this inflation doing one job is not sufficient ... Yeh bhi zauri hai zarurat ko pura karne ke liye ...

Makeup wise I have done purple smoky eyes with neutral color lipstick

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Lolz..U look cute..i am sure people would have flocked on to yur rickshaw to get a ride :D

  2. @Anamika- thanks sweetie , what can I do have to buy makeup and clothes so have to do this part time profession.. n I am generating good revenues too ! Lolzzz...

  3. is this scarf from Archies ? I guess I had seen something like that there,,I maybe wrong :p
    u look adorable,,n ya why did u take risk by being so close to those hanging wires,,
    somehow I have this fascination of sitting on the roof top of a truck,,so maybe in your next post, you hop on a truck and gimme a ride.. chalega ? :) :p ;)

    1. the scarf is from China , my FIL gifted me this scarf .. hheheehe yeah i was also scared while getting those pix so close to the loose hnaging wires .. but then the spot was so good na :P hahaha a truck, hhmm next time and il do pom pom n call u :P