Monday, 19 December 2011

Why Men Should Cook ?

Cooking is mostly termed a "ladies domain" but the famous chefs are mostly "men".

Some guys I know don't consider cooking at all and on the other side some guys cook occasionally bake & grill. As a guy what all he an cook I am sure Maggi will top the list apart from boiling eggs and preparing tea/coffee.

Whether it's because they think it takes too much time and too much effort or wrongly assume it's a woman's job, men who never learn to cook are losing a huge opportunity to take their man skills to the next level.

The reasons why men should cook ?

1- You can spend more time with your wife- Everyone has a busy life these days , if a couple is working and   live in a nuclear family then please understand your wife is no super woman , she is also like you .. she work for good 8-10 hrs then manages home. You can divide her kitchen responsibility and share a healthy discussion while doing that.When I cook hubby dearest helps with salads and cutting vegetables etc. Trust me your wife is going to totally love this idea of cooking together :)

2- You save money-The inflation rate is going high , come on don't you want to save for future ?? If are a single guy and live alone then don't you get bored of eating the same food everyday ? Don't you remember what mumma told you when you were young that home made food is healthy.... So say yes to healthy food and start cooking !

3- Lifetime skills-You can fix your car , go for road trip .Learn cooking too, its a lifetime skill ! Now you don't have to depend on others or even fast food.

4- Impress & show appreciation- Its a good way to impress and show appreciation to your loved ones.Imagine the smile on your wife/girlfriend face when you will tell her that you cooked a meal for her. Wow she will be totally impressed !!

5-Its fun & stress-buster -Cooking is fun , you can be innovative and make new dishes ! If u had a bad day at work , then cooking acts a stress buster. Imagine the amount of fun that you will have with your wife while cooking together !


  1. nice and good post........... by the way my boyfriend cum would be husband cooks very well.......

  2. such a fun post :) my hubby cooks sometimes :D and its a good switch for me D:

  3. @ Suma- hehheee thanks !

    @Ani- Thanks :)

    @Bee- my hubby also cooks occasionally :P

  4. I guess when men enters the kitchen they cook very interesting stuff,, very out of box kinda thinking n not our typical meals,,,well if you tell them to cook something like u want them then ahem ahem,,they don't do that,,

    I like men's random cooking,,sth unique n different

    lovely post Kannu :)

  5. @Namita- hahaha yes at times they do !