Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Outfit : Color block shirt with black

There are days when you give up certain activities , because we want change in life ! Bascially you want break from the routine activities. In my case one such change is giving myself break from makeup dose. I have been sticking to just gloss and kajal ... Well actually I got a eye stye , so was avoiding makeup for a while.
I love bright hues and this is one of my most loved shirt this season , so I had to do a outfit post for you guys in this !
Ohh on aside , the weather is pleasant in Delhi , I am planning to go for brunch with Bff Garima this weekend :)

Shirt- My creation :)
Skinny pants-customised
Necklace-Dilli Haat

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Outfit : Peplum jacket with floral pumps

First of all I am sorry for being a MIA , I had been travelling then some professional changes happened in my case ! So now evrything is back to normal so I am back to blogging :)
Lot of friends have been asking to do frequent outfit post ... I will try to do post regularly.
Weather in Delhi has been weird , its sunshine one day and then it rains the other day. Just when u think that its time to dig in summer wardrobe , winters bouce back !

So today's outfit is a peplum jacket ! I had been always craving for a peplum outfit and then i got this pefect jacket :)

Peplum Jacket- From China
Black top-Nike
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar
Socks-Sarojni Nagar