Saturday, 14 January 2012

How does a soon to be groom feels before marriage ?

I think all femles give a lot of focus to this topic before marriage , so I decided to write on post on the other side ... So how does a groom feels before getting married ?

My bhaiya is getting married tomorrow , so I thought I would ask him how he feels about it ?

My bhaiya , Dr. Sharad is one of the collest & the sensible guy in the family. This is the much awaited wedding in the family , I still remeber how much I wanted that the kalira should fall on bhiya during my wedding & i did that forcefully too ! hahhahahaaa(the Gabbar laugh)

Bhaiya , Me & Deepika

Bhaiya is having a love cum arrange marriage. He was dating Dr. Deepika from past 3 years & then the finally decided to get married :)
So yesterday was the engagement & sagan function , before bhaiya's sapno ke rani came I did a chit chat with him about marriage and how he feels about it.

Bhaiya told me he knows his lady love from past 3 years and to both of them this is a very special & much awaited moment in life. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times that too with the same person everytime.
Often we think that its the bride who has to make adjustments in the family but the same is applicable on the groom.They have a good compatability and the most important aspect of any relatinship is "communication". They both connect well to each other, also they are from same profession.
Yesterday before the bride arrived bhaiya was excited & nervous. A groom also feels equally as nervous as the bride before marriage ... He tolds me is very excited , as this is new addition to his life but yes he is nervous as he would we meeting new set of family members from bhabi's side... I still remeber I got blank for a while during my rokka ceramony .. so this is very obvious reaction.The good thing in this marriage is that both bride & groom knew other other from before and they undersatnd each other well. 3 years of relationship has tought them a lot about each other's likes & dislikes.
So in short bhaiya is very positve about the marriage and looking forward to " the day" in his life :)

I wish both of them a very happy married life :)

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