Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dinner at Purani Dilli

It is said that if  you are in Mumbai & you don;t travel in the local train then your trip to Mumbai is incomplete and you don't get to see the real Mumbai. In case of Delhi it is said that if you don't visit Purani Dilli(Old Delhi) then you trip to Delhi is not complete.

Old Delhi has something to cater to everyone ....
If you are doing your trousseau shopping then you must visit Chandni Chowk.
If you are a foodie then you should not miss to be here , some famous eating joints here are Famous Jalabi wala , Natraj ke Bhalle, Haldiram, Chainaram ,Paranthe wale gali and many more .....

I am a foodie and I love the food options in Purani Delhi , few days back we went to Fathepuri Chowk for dinner at Kaka Da Hotel..

This restaurant is atleast 60 years old , if his place looks weird to you then let me tell you they have a option of sitting on the first floor with functional AC but they charge 20% extra for that.

This restaurant is famous for its king size naan and paranthas and they serve only veg.

I was very keen to see how they make these amazing paranthas , so I cliked pix :)

See how comfortably he is sitting and making the parantha in the tandoor

The king size parantha , you bet one person can't finish the whole of it , its huge and is topped it with the layer of butter/ghee...

After the meal we had rabri faluda and gajjar ka halwa at Giani di hatti, this is the oldest Giani in Delhi...

Apologies for not clicking rabri faluda pic..

Kaka De hatti
Food- 8/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service- 8/10 

Giani Ki Hatti
Food- 9/10


  1. i so wanna come to delhi to do trousseau shopping !!

  2. @Riddhi- oohh u must , in Delhi u can find awesome collection :)

  3. Parathe wali galli *-* <3 <3

    I have a Giani's near my home and its Blehh ..

    so wat paratha you had?

  4. @Namita- I just love Purani Dilli ... the usual Giani has no charm but u must try this one ... its very desi .. i would say ! I had aloo, gobhi and hariyali parantha .. ok we all shared !

    1. ya true,,naye me voh baat nahi hai :\
      aahh I love parathas too :D yummmm ,, he he ya ya you shared :p

    2. yeah n u know old Delhi has its own charm ... its actaully a very huge parantha infact bigger than biggest pizza we get here ! So sharing to banta hai :P

  5. wow..superb.Here I come Purani Delhi.

  6. its a wonderful place if one has a taste for intricate work and traditional food :)