Friday, 20 January 2012

The Grand Family Dinner at Pind Balluchi

I love hanging out with my family , mu cousins are like friends to me :)
We are a close knit family , recently we had a wedding in the family and to make the new Bahu feel comfortable with the family members before they leave we organzied a grand family dinner at Pind Balluchi. I love the ambience and feel of this restaurant , 100% Punjab ! I thought of sharing the pix with you guys :)
 Thats me with the dhool !

I am wearing self designed orange tweed jacket , Art Attack necklace , skinny jeans & black boots

Mirchi anyone ?

I love the ambince , its so Punjabi ...also taking about the food and cutlery , thats amazing. They serve food in traditional thallis which remind me of my Punjab trip... Its is very colorful and vibrant.
I think this was a perfect choice to take the new Bahu out for dinner and make her socialize with the family :)
We were a bunch of around 40 people there , some could not make it due to prior appointments.

Some family members :)

So the dinner was fun , everyone enjoyed it ! Even the food was good and authentic Punjabi tadka :)
Altogether it was good fun !

Ok now would you like to see the new Bahu ......

Suhani(my niece) and the new Bahu Deepika .....

I just love this chudda , ti reminds me of my newly married days , it gives a very special feeling to the bride .. Also you feel like dressing up and a happy happy feeling about getting married :)

If you plan to have a family dinner , then I would definately recomend Pind Balluchi to you guys !

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  1. Awesome. Every pic is awesome .Love your orange jacket.

  2. You got me craving for some Indian food!!!

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  3. @izdiher- Thanks:) orange is my fav color :)

    @Tanvi- Awwww trust me this place is awesome !

  4. @Shamaila- thank u , i designed it :)

  5. I smiled seeing the title of this post,, Pind Balluchi is me and my bf's favorite desi restaurant,, some great memories attached to that place, we are regulars in the metro walk one :p ha ha :);)

    and I love family dinners :) Its a nice gesture to welcome your bhabhi, she is very pretty :)
    and you look pretty and cute in all ur pics :) love that orange on you.. :)

    1. oohh even I love it :) me too like family dinners ...arey she is a darling , very sweet & nice :)
      Awww thanks for liking the jacket :P