Friday, 16 December 2011

A Comparison Between Costal Scents 88 Original, Ultra Shimmer & Metal Mania Palette

I love Costal Scents Palettes for various reasons and one of the reason is that you get 88 options in one palette.
I was super excited for these palettes when I ordered it and I thought I was going to use it all the time.These palette are awesome!! It's so cheap for all the colors you get but the quality is great!! All the colors are so pigmented and easy to work with !!!

 Original Palette

About the product-

Original 88 Piece Palette contains 88 different highly pigmented shadows. These shadows can be applied with ease using the dual end foam applicators included or multiple eye shadow brushes depending on the look you wish to achieve. The shadows are pressed powder but can be applied wet for a deeper longer lasting effect. The palette contains mainly matte shadows however; some do have a satiny finish. Each dime-sized pot contains plenty of powder for multiple uses. 


Price- $ 18.95  

1-You get 88 colors and they don't run out fast!
4-Can be blended well.
5- Good for routine wear.

1- You would need a eye shadow base/ primer to hold the shadow for long.
2- Some of the colors look similar when applied.
3- Not available in India.

Rating- 3/5 (I personally don't like matt eye shadows)

 Ultra Shimmer Palette

About the product-

Add a little sparkle to your eyes with our Ultra Shimmer Palette. This gorgeous palette contains 88 different fully shimmer shadows that are highly pigmented. With the wide range of shades from neutrals to brights you can create endless looks with ease. The shadows can be applied dry or wet with the dual end foam tip applicators included or any eye shadow brush from your collection.


Price- $19.95

1- Long lasting & good pay off.
2-Great selection of neutrals
3-Perfect of day & night time especially for parties.
5-You can easily pack on color or lightly dust in on to make a bright color more subtle.
6- Vibrant colors.

1- Some of the colors have too much of shimmer.
2- Need a eye shadow base/primer.

 Rating- 4/5

Metal Mania Palette

About the product-
Glamorize your eyes with our Metal Mania Palette. Containing eighty-eight highly pigmented, metallic eyeshadows ranging from sultry neutrals to vibrant pinks this palette is perfect for creating a variety of looks. All of the shadows are pressed powder and may be applied dry or wet using the dual end foam tip applicators included or any eye shadow brush in your collection. 


  Price- $24.95

1- Highly pigmented.
2- Affordable.
3- Ideal for smoky look & routine wear ( if you don't mind wearing eye shadows with shimmer effect)
4- These colors are extremely soft so that makes them super blend-able.
5- Palette comes with sweet pinks and a lot of neutrals and metallic colors
6-Brush picks up colors really easily
7-Easy to apply

1- Need a eye shadow base/primer.
3- Not available in India 

Rating- 5/5

Comparison -

The best part about these palettes is that they are very affordable & offer a wide range of colors. Be it any palette you need to use base for better results especially for the Original palette its a must !

If you like vibrant colors & shimmer then the Ultra shimmer palette is apt for you. The problem is that some of the colors are very shimmery & kind of similar.

I personally love the Metal Mania palette as these colors are so metallic, and I absolutely love it! I found so many great uses and looks that I can create. This palette is definitely my favorite Coastal Scents palette. The colors are well pigmented, blends really well, and doesn’t fade.Out of all the palettes they have, this is by far my favorite.  Whites/ivory's, deep purples, browns, pinks, grays, oranges, copper colors and much more is in this palette.  For $24.95, you get 88 different colored eye-shadows.  They may be small (about dime size) but they will last a long time, especially when they are so many colors than you WILL use.  Most of these colors are just too pretty to pass up.

Overall views-
Overall, I really recommend this product. It's great for starters and VERY affordable. Also there is a wide range of palettes to choose from.


  1. I have heard allot about this palette,,looks so vibrant n colorful :)

    nice buy Kannu :)

  2. you have so many eyeshadow palettes kannu.......... like the metal mania..... shades are nice...... i am also a very fond of eyeshadows........

  3. wow !!! me want all d three palettes....... !!! hehehehe

  4. oooh nice post!!! ultra helpful... great post kannu :) Love it! :)

  5. @Namita- u can also try the palette you like :)

    @Ani- If u like eyeshadows then u must add this palette to yr collection !

    @Riddhi-hehehee , go for it girl !

    @Suma- thanks :)

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