Thursday, 2 February 2012

Love in the air .... and my V-day gift from friend :)

Since Valantine's day is around so the whole atmosphere is filled with happiness and love. February is one of my favourite month as its Spring & Valnatine's day in this month :)
I have already started thinking how will I spend this Valantine's day with hubby..
I think its a day which should be celebrated with loved ones , the people who care about you and are also by your side. According to me since this day is dedicated to loved ones so we usually celebrate with our family , both set of parents :)
Mostly its a dinner outing followed by exchaging gifts , but I am thinking to do something different this time .. any ideas girls ??

Now the Valantine's hangover has already started one of my special friend gifted me a very pretty bracelet today. First of all I want to thank her for giving it to me and I want to tell her you are very special to me. Though we are not associated with each other for long but in a very short span we share a great bonding. My dear friend I want to tell you are like a angel in my life , everytime I upset/stressed after talking to you I feel so better and positive :) Thanks for being there !!

I started my day today with positve thoughts in mind and look I got a beautiful braclet :)
I decided to do a blue look today .....

Wearing -
 Electic blue tweed jacket from China.
Black Boots- Gifted
Alcott black full sleeves top
Skinny jeans from  Levis

This is my lovely bracelet :)

Makeupwise I am wearing-
Garnier under eye roll on
Colorbar Cosmiq pink blush
Chambor black eye pencil
Copperish eyeshadow from Coastal scents metal mania palette
Colorbar blue kohl
NYX lipstick Louisiana

Hope you guys liked the look and the braclet :)


  1. you look fantastic here kannu... bright and ethereal :)

  2. @Anks- Thanks sweetie :)im loving the lippy !!

  3. One of my most favourite looks kannu, the bracelet is beautiful and I love how you kept the makeup so minimalistic over the vibrant jacket! :)

    1. thanks keerthi , i generally prefer this kinda makeup for day look :)

  4. looking lovely! Love the hand jewelry!