Monday, 16 January 2012

Retro Theme Cocktail Party

If you have reads the previous post you must be knowing that there was a wedding in the family. I love Indian weddings , they are fun , vibrant and you get a chance to meet all your relative , do full on masti !
For the cocktail party the theme was retro !
I love theme parties , they give me a chance to be creative with attire and makeup.
So I decided to wear my shimmer dress with stocking and head gear :)

Makeup- I did extended eyeliner with red lips ... I must say applying extended eyeliner is never easy ...

So what do you think ?
Did I followed the theme well ?


  1. @Rakshanda- Thanks u :)

    @izdihar- thanks sweetie :)

    @Bee- Glad u liked it :)

  2. you are looking like a girl just going to perform dance..............superb

  3. @Ani- hahahaha yeah I danced like hell that day !

  4. u totally did justice to d theme :))

  5. @Shamaila- hahhaaaa thanks , thats what everyone todl me at the party :P