Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Birthday Present for My Dearest Sister !

Wishing my darling sister from another mother Daman a very happy birthday. She is a sweetheart & I feel blessed to have her by my side. If I have to seek any advice or need a partner in crime(read shopping).... she is always there for me :)

Daman trust me for her traditional outfits , so I thought of designing a suit for her as a b'day present :)
Knowing her taste , I thought I will design a outfit which has a mix of colors but should not look over the top as her style is sober & elegent.So this is what I designed for her.

Beige cotton silk suit with narrow fit salwar and multi brocade horizontal panels.
Since the kurta and salwar already had a lot of colors so I decided to keep the dupatta simple with dull gold facing.

You must be thinking , this outfit looks tiny .. Let me tell you our Damandeep Kaur is very skinny and I think she is size double zero ...hahahhaaa...

The people I love , I generally try to get/design similar things for them. Daman & I strong bond of love & sisterhood. So this is not be suprizing for you to know that I am also designing a similar outfit for myself.. It will give us a sense of connectivity :) .. Yeah I know , you must be thinking is this woman crazy , similar outfits ?? But thats love ...and a feeling of being closer to each other !

We are just back from Daman's midnight b'day celebration & let me tell you she liked the outfit ...Yay!!!

A close up look at the brocade panels.

Hope you guys liked the outfit I created for my dearest sister :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daman.She is so lovely.
    Shalwar kameez is so awesome.I am gonna make one exactly like that.It is simple and decent .Loved it .Brocade panels are super.

    Thanks a million for your comment.Following back.
    I be here again and again.

  2. @Izdihar- Thanks for following :) Im glad u liked my creation , hope to see u in a similar outfit soon.. do share the pix :)

  3. oh so pretty :) though am not a fan of panels on the salwar but the overall look is so pretty :) loved the dupatta the most :)

  4. @Suma- Thank u :) the narrow salwar is the 'in' thing these days ... i think u will like the overall effect once u see Daman in it .. I love net dupattas :)

  5. Your design is just Gorgeous, as is Daman!

  6. @thePURPLEspirit - thanks , yes Daman is a darling :)

  7. @Jasmeet- aaaawwww ! thanks & hugs <3

  8. Awww, that is such a beautiful gift for your sister. I was looking for ideas for my sister birthday too. I already got a card with sister birthday wishes on it and I'm thinking of giving her a dress too. I think that'll be a good gift ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Cheers for both of you.