Thursday, 31 October 2013

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

There is no denying to the fact that I am shopaholic , I think by now you all know that !
So why do I shop like there is no tomorrow ? Well there may be no proper clarification as to why I do this but yes I am a impulsive buyer !

Things that I have been doing so far-

1-Nothing makes me feel better than buying new clothes. In my closet you can find more than 2 black trousers.
My explanation: I need black trousers often , I work in Healthcare sector and dress code is formal so I have to have a back up !!
Reality- I am practically not wearing all of them might have just worn that one wide leg trouser just once.
Plan of action - I am not buying more black trousers and will survive with the one I have for atleast 6-8 months.

2- I think I can buy shoes even in my dreams , I totally believe that give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world ! The higher the heel the better I feel.
My explanation : I need all types of shoes for work , party , shopping ...Flats , heels , wedges ..I should have it all ...
Reality- I have close to 75 pairs of shoes , out of which some 15 odd pairs have been never used till date ! I was allotted two closets just for shoes and now that is also over loaded !
Plan of action- I plan to wear all my shoes and have put a shoe ban on myself for next 6 months, I will donate the shoes I am never going to wear. Also will buy less heels and buy more practical footwear.

3-I can never have enough pink & orange lipsticks. My world is orange and nothing suits me better than pink and orange lipsticks !
My explanation : I look better when I smile when I am wearing my favorite pink and orange lipstick , I should have all the shades of these two colors to see which suits me better.
Reality- There are all the possible shades available of pink & orange lipsticks in my vanity , at times I have even got the same shade in a different brand.
Plan of action- Saying no to lipstick shopping for next 3 months at-least !!

4-I am always running late but I have a lot watches , I love colors and I even have a pink watch !
My explanation: Watch is the most stylish fashion accessory , if you have it flaunt it , I have yellow, orange , pink , golden , silver , etc watches. I love matching my watches with outfit, after all you should always wear the best of watches and shoes !
Reality-I have wasted a lot of money on high fashion brands like Ed hardy, Fossil , Esprit etc.
Plan of action- I will stop buying watches and save up enough for luxury brands like Cartier, Omega , Rolex etc.

5- Colors add happiness in life , what's better in this world to add a small dose of color through nail paints.
My explanation: I have been recently addicted to nail art , so I should have all the color nail paints in my collection, and how could I miss the new launches !!
Reality- Just like lipsticks I have same shades in nail paints especially pink & orange.
Plan of action- I have stopped picking up shades I already have and plan to finish the ones I already have !!

Blouse- Zara
Bangle-Lajpat Nagar

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

10 Things I want do this diwali

1- The first and foremost is buying iphone 5s ... Now I am confused which color to pick.... well a lot of people suggested golden , what do u guys suggest ? Golden , silver or grey ??
2- Clearing the mess , isn't this what Diwali is all about ! I have so many things that I no longer use I think I am donating a lot of shoes and clothes this time !
3- Will make besan/atta ladoo for the Diwali pooja, oohh yes nothing can beat the homemade ladoos !!
4- Diwali is the time when we exchange gifts and meet people , I am planning to meet the relatives and friends I don't meet often.
5- I want to watch Krishh , though I am not sure who will accompany me for the movie but still I want to go ! I love movies with superheros theme <3 <3 <3 <3
6- I will learn how to play cards, yes still I don't know how to play cards ...
7-I will not burn crackers and save the environment from pollution !
8-I will make colorful rangoli to attack goddess of mullah , Aka Lakshmi mata as I have a endless wishlist :P
9- I will distribute sweets to weaker section of the society , lets try in bringing smile on someone's face this Diwali :)
10- Last but not the least I will decorate my house with divas and beautiful lights :)

Kurta- my creation 
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar
Lycra pajami- Amar Colony 
Bangle- My creation 
Statement ring-Dilli Haat 
Earrings-Lajpat Nagar 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Outfit : Teal Blouse with Black Skinny trouser

What do you do to beat the Monday blues ?? Every Sunday night I think tomorrow is Monday I can't do it again :P Mostly Monday is the day of the week when you feel very negative and low, but then there are solutions to all your problems .. required you really want to make up for it ! I beat the Monday blues by dressing up , yes I prefer wearing my favorite outfit to keep the spirit high !
Every person has their own way of dealing with the Monday Blues mine is getting dressed !!
So today I decided to wear one of my favorite favorites that's the teal blouse and coin necklace. This coin necklace is one of the best statement necklace I have , I wear it often , I think it add sparks to any outfit !
No one in this world is as good as mom !! My mom totally understand me , she got me this beautiful necklace and I love flaunting it every now and then !!

Teal blouse- GK-I , M Block Market
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar
Necklace-Mom's gift

Friday, 25 October 2013

Outfit : Kurta Patiala Salwar

There are times when u want to get dressed in traditional clothes at work , today was one such day ! Also Diwali is around so I am in festival spirit , loving desi currently !!
As I said in my previous post that every outfit has a story so is with this one , I had this salwar and then I decided to design this kurta. At times I love wearing salwar with short length kurta and also I don't have purple clothes in my wardrobe , so here I am doing justice to the wardrobe adding some purple :)

Outfit-my creation
Bangles-My creation 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Outfit:Black & White Plaid With Green

There are days when we dress to motivate ourselves , today is one such day ! Its a Monday and tomorrow is Karwachauth , I will be fasting as well as working so I thought to wear a add a little pop to my today's outfit to sync in the Karwachauth feeling !
I plan to eat some good food today may be pao bhaji , noodles , golgappas etc .. let's see what gets finalized by the evening but for sure I am going out !!
I am loving colored liners this season and to keep the festive spirit alive I wore green eye liner today . This is one of my favorite eve liners ! Got this from Bharat & Dorris collection ... they have so many gel liners but the only problem is it dries really fast so you need to have Inglot duraline ready in your vanity.. The staying power is awesome , all I wish is that it did not dry too fast !!
Ohh btw someone asked me that is my favorite color green ?? I guess I have been sported wearing green quite often recently !! Need to add more colors in my wardrobe soon !!

Tunic- GK 1 , M Block Market
Trouser- Customized
Necklace-Art Attack
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Outfit:Saturday casual look with neon accents

Hello everyone , as most of you know that I work in healthcare sector so we are only allowed to wear casuals on saturday , that's the only day in the week when I can dress the way I want , now its that I am not dressing up on the way I want ...hope you can read in between the lines ....In the recent days I did quite a shopping, got some new footwear , jewellery and clothes.
As most of you would be knowing that neon accents are the "in" thing this season and I just love them !
So today when I was getting dressed I thought of adding some neon accents to the look anyways it's a saturday I can experiment today , no one at work is going to give me those where are you coming from looks !
Also someone at work asked me do I always open my hair , I promised to make a ponytail on Saturday , so here i fulfilled my promise too :)

Tee-Lajpat Nagar 
Necklace-gifted my mom 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Outfit: Pastel floral with green

There are lot of things you don't want to do and one on top of the list is going to work ! Yes for me one of the most difficult thing is to get up early , I am night person ..... can be awake all night and do gossip session... But what to do I am working , I don't have a choice I have to get up early and to make this practice more effective I have planned to go for morning walk as a part of my lifestyle regime. As they say nothing is difficult if you want to do it ! but you know Dil to bachha hai ji !! Kabhi kabhi behak jata hai ... So this is a typical day when I don't want to go to work and in no mood to get dressed ... what to do now ? I sneak in my mom's wardrobe , pick up a loose blouse and team it with my favorite jacket , voila I am ready !!

Expression of the day , my mom saying to me in the morning with a smile "Wah you look good in my top" !!

Blouse-Mom's wardrobe 
Trouser- customized tailoring 
Skinny belt-M Block, GK-1
Jacket-Lajpat Nagar 
Footwear-Gaurav footwear, Lajpat Nagar 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Some changes in my lifestyle

Today is the day when I plan to change my life , I noticed that I am getting out of shape and I still I am not doing anything about it , so I have decide to change my lifestyle .. and the sooner I start the better it is ...
I have planned to do following things to be more healthy and fit-
1- I will sleep early , max I should be in the bed is by 11 pm.
2-I will go for morning walk, this is very important as its the prime source to get fresh air and distress myself.
3-I will drink lot of water.
4-I will eat lot of fruits.
5-Light dinner , may be soup with some vegetables or toast.
6-Will take stairs instead of lift.
7-Will try to do some exercises.
8-Will avoid junk food especially chips, fried , burgers etc.
9-Will eat healthy food.
10- Will stay positive, yes its very important to be positive then only I can follow above mentioned things !

Tunic-  Lajpat Nagar 
Skinny pants -Allen Solly
Necklace-Lajpat Nagar
Earrings-Lajpat Nagar 
Statement rings-Dilli Haat