Saturday, 28 January 2012

The purple phase ....Bazinga !!

Today is a perfect day, there is sunshine , its Saturday and the best thing is no heavy traffic .. Usually I am chilled out on Saturdays so decided to do a purple/lilac look today :)

So talking about the plans for today , hubby dearest has downloaded new season of Big Bang Theory...we plan to stay at home and watch that.. Btw I am in <3 with Sheldon... Bazingaaaaaaa....
I am surprised to see that as per he lacks social skills as the character still he is everyone's favourite.. I like these series because of him ... Why can't we also have similar series in India or the regular audience still enjoys the usual saas bahu serials?? lolzzz...
Remember Kyonki Saas Bhi kabhi Bahi the ... lasted for like 10 years ... ooppsss !!

Blue jeggings , black long leather boots, velvet jacket, lilac sweater and silk printed scarf.

Ok, I was asked to be careful while getting this pic clicked because of the hanging wires ... oohh scary !!

I am driving a rikshaw today .. lolzz...
You can say that's my part time profession ... to meet the demands in this inflation doing one job is not sufficient ... Yeh bhi zauri hai zarurat ko pura karne ke liye ...

Makeup wise I have done purple smoky eyes with neutral color lipstick

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dinner at Purani Dilli

It is said that if  you are in Mumbai & you don;t travel in the local train then your trip to Mumbai is incomplete and you don't get to see the real Mumbai. In case of Delhi it is said that if you don't visit Purani Dilli(Old Delhi) then you trip to Delhi is not complete.

Old Delhi has something to cater to everyone ....
If you are doing your trousseau shopping then you must visit Chandni Chowk.
If you are a foodie then you should not miss to be here , some famous eating joints here are Famous Jalabi wala , Natraj ke Bhalle, Haldiram, Chainaram ,Paranthe wale gali and many more .....

I am a foodie and I love the food options in Purani Delhi , few days back we went to Fathepuri Chowk for dinner at Kaka Da Hotel..

This restaurant is atleast 60 years old , if his place looks weird to you then let me tell you they have a option of sitting on the first floor with functional AC but they charge 20% extra for that.

This restaurant is famous for its king size naan and paranthas and they serve only veg.

I was very keen to see how they make these amazing paranthas , so I cliked pix :)

See how comfortably he is sitting and making the parantha in the tandoor

The king size parantha , you bet one person can't finish the whole of it , its huge and is topped it with the layer of butter/ghee...

After the meal we had rabri faluda and gajjar ka halwa at Giani di hatti, this is the oldest Giani in Delhi...

Apologies for not clicking rabri faluda pic..

Kaka De hatti
Food- 8/10
Ambiance- 6/10
Service- 8/10 

Giani Ki Hatti
Food- 9/10

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Grand Family Dinner at Pind Balluchi

I love hanging out with my family , mu cousins are like friends to me :)
We are a close knit family , recently we had a wedding in the family and to make the new Bahu feel comfortable with the family members before they leave we organzied a grand family dinner at Pind Balluchi. I love the ambience and feel of this restaurant , 100% Punjab ! I thought of sharing the pix with you guys :)
 Thats me with the dhool !

I am wearing self designed orange tweed jacket , Art Attack necklace , skinny jeans & black boots

Mirchi anyone ?

I love the ambince , its so Punjabi ...also taking about the food and cutlery , thats amazing. They serve food in traditional thallis which remind me of my Punjab trip... Its is very colorful and vibrant.
I think this was a perfect choice to take the new Bahu out for dinner and make her socialize with the family :)
We were a bunch of around 40 people there , some could not make it due to prior appointments.

Some family members :)

So the dinner was fun , everyone enjoyed it ! Even the food was good and authentic Punjabi tadka :)
Altogether it was good fun !

Ok now would you like to see the new Bahu ......

Suhani(my niece) and the new Bahu Deepika .....

I just love this chudda , ti reminds me of my newly married days , it gives a very special feeling to the bride .. Also you feel like dressing up and a happy happy feeling about getting married :)

If you plan to have a family dinner , then I would definately recomend Pind Balluchi to you guys !

My ratings-

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kyonki Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

The Airtel commercial Har ek friend zaroori hota hai is one of the best ads I have ever seen.
Its true that every friend is important. Life is incomplete without your own set of friends ..
Its a fact that no one can live alone , everyone needs someone to share joy,happiness,work, sorrow etc.Friends are always there for us, to laugh with us in the happy times and to provide us with a shoulder, when we feel like crying. They serve as one of the biggest supports in our life .Friends are among those few people who accept us, rather like us, as we are. They never come into our life, expecting us to change for them. However, they do correct us when we are at fault.It is said that whether you need to hear the bitter truth about yourself, go to your best friend. He/she will never lie to you, just to please you and win your favors. What he/she says is the truth about you.Friends love you and care for you. They always make you feel special and never expect anything in return, other than your love and friendship. They stay true to you throughout their lives.

Like everyone I also have my set of friends ....they are like angles in my life :)
So I will briefly talk about my close friends , who mean a lot to me !

1- My BFF's Anu & Shamaila :)
Left to Right:- Anu, Me & Shamaila 

These are my favorite girls , I can't think of making any big & important decision in life without talking to them. We have had 'n' no. of conference calls & exchanging mails. We share every minute details about our lives with each other ... These gorgeous ladies listen all my nonsense stuff & still mange to tolerate me.. lolzzz... We talk a lot about fashion,makeup and girlie stuff :P I have to be connected to them everyday otherwise I feel incomplete ..Anu is a darling once I was very disturbed I gave a call to her at 2 am , though she was sleeping but still she woke up and spoke to me.....Samy as I call Shamila .. did what no one ever did for me .. she prepared the navratra meal for me , taking pointers from me , aaaawww Samy I was really touched that day & the girls night we had is unforgettable :P Any problem , news etc I have .. I have to share it with them .. Thanks girls for being my lovely friends :) Hugs !!

2- Nihit Duggal

I call him my Nini :P.. he is like a mummy to be .. always there to guide me , he would always be correct ! Whenver I have to seek advice regarding a issue that bothers me a lot , then he is the right guy ! We have known each other for 9 years now.. To him I am still that stupid , silly girl .. who is always confused :P His thoughts are very matured and he is very sensible ..I love interacting with him & spending quality time with him. He is one of the dearest buddy for lifetime , I am sure I am still going to bother him every now & then when I am out of my mind ...lolz...I expect him to be like this forever .. nice & sweet to me :)

I call her Gattu mare jaan :) I know her from school days , the best thing about us is that we had a very different & extreme choices but now Gattu's taste has gone better & we have started liking same stuff, wow Gattu I would say Sangati ka asar :P... She is in US and our best way to communicate is imsg where we share pix of our latest outfits, footwear and makeup.. also the looks ! Gattu is my jannu ... she understands me completely and I connect well with her.. The best gift that she gave me was that she was physically present on my wedding , what better could I ask for ....I have promised her that I will design her trousseau , and Gattu you better not poke me on everything while doing that.. lolzzz... I am looking forward for her wedding coz then she would hopefully move back to Delhi. Yay ! I am already imagining what all we will do post her wedding .....

The one thing I like about my school days was that I met Farha :) We are best of friends .. During school days we shared the same desk.. We have similar tastes , she is very creative & talented. I still remember the beaded jewellery both of made in school...She is generally reserved but if she starts talking then we talk for hours & hours..... She is in Mumbai post marriage but that doesn't mean we interact less .. no ways ! we share all the gossip in our respective lives , exchange recipes , talk about trends , makeup etc .. basically all the girlie talks :) 

That's my hubby ! Wow I am lucky that I got married to my best friend , what better could I ask for ? He understand me completely in facts he knows me better than I know about myself. He pampers me ,cares for me ... I love the fact that I choose the right partner. The best part of our relationship is we understand each other.He is forced to see all my outfits and help me decide the right one ! Also he gives the honest opinion :) I discuss all my problems with my hubby dearest who is also my best buddy :) He is always there for me whenever I need him ..There to fulfill all my wishes(demands) Wow lucky me :P

I love you guys and can't think of my life without you all ... Hugs & kisses !!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Retro Theme Cocktail Party

If you have reads the previous post you must be knowing that there was a wedding in the family. I love Indian weddings , they are fun , vibrant and you get a chance to meet all your relative , do full on masti !
For the cocktail party the theme was retro !
I love theme parties , they give me a chance to be creative with attire and makeup.
So I decided to wear my shimmer dress with stocking and head gear :)

Makeup- I did extended eyeliner with red lips ... I must say applying extended eyeliner is never easy ...

So what do you think ?
Did I followed the theme well ?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Multi Dose

In my previous post I mentioned about my cousin's mixed emotions about marriage , here in this post il share the pix of family and my look :)

I designed a not too OTT suit with multi brocade panels for the ceramony :)

I decided to team up the outfit with multi jutti , clutch and multi tassel lottan earrings with gold embossed necklace.

Lotan earrings are traditional earrings from Punjab , where you can change the tassel color to match your outfit. I love them a lot , as I find them very versatile :)

Since my outfit had full sleeves with brocade pannel detailing so I decided to skip the bangles and wear watch and haatful.

If you love adding tradtional stuff to your collection than I would definately suggust you to make a trip to Punjab , there you can find lovely jewellery , traditional suits and juttis.
Btw the jutti I am wearing here is from Punjab :)

We are crazy people , we love dancing & boozing  ... we need a reason for celebration ...

Now stay tuned for the post on cocktail party , the theme is retro !

How does a soon to be groom feels before marriage ?

I think all femles give a lot of focus to this topic before marriage , so I decided to write on post on the other side ... So how does a groom feels before getting married ?

My bhaiya is getting married tomorrow , so I thought I would ask him how he feels about it ?

My bhaiya , Dr. Sharad is one of the collest & the sensible guy in the family. This is the much awaited wedding in the family , I still remeber how much I wanted that the kalira should fall on bhiya during my wedding & i did that forcefully too ! hahhahahaaa(the Gabbar laugh)

Bhaiya , Me & Deepika

Bhaiya is having a love cum arrange marriage. He was dating Dr. Deepika from past 3 years & then the finally decided to get married :)
So yesterday was the engagement & sagan function , before bhaiya's sapno ke rani came I did a chit chat with him about marriage and how he feels about it.

Bhaiya told me he knows his lady love from past 3 years and to both of them this is a very special & much awaited moment in life. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times that too with the same person everytime.
Often we think that its the bride who has to make adjustments in the family but the same is applicable on the groom.They have a good compatability and the most important aspect of any relatinship is "communication". They both connect well to each other, also they are from same profession.
Yesterday before the bride arrived bhaiya was excited & nervous. A groom also feels equally as nervous as the bride before marriage ... He tolds me is very excited , as this is new addition to his life but yes he is nervous as he would we meeting new set of family members from bhabi's side... I still remeber I got blank for a while during my rokka ceramony .. so this is very obvious reaction.The good thing in this marriage is that both bride & groom knew other other from before and they undersatnd each other well. 3 years of relationship has tought them a lot about each other's likes & dislikes.
So in short bhaiya is very positve about the marriage and looking forward to " the day" in his life :)

I wish both of them a very happy married life :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gift ideas for women

Often men are confused deciding what would be a perfect gift for women ? For them its one of the most difficult activity to shop for a women & probably their least favorite task.  Hopefully whoever you are buying for is understanding enough to accept that every gift won’t be perfect and every now and then you’ll slip up and buy us something we just don’t want.But to avoid this situation I suggest some categories that you could focus on before buying the perfect gift-

1- Accessories- Women often feel offended if a guy gets then wrong size apparel , imagine if you end up getting a bigger size dress for her ... I am so sure then you might just end up loosing her forever ! Pick up things which are not size specific like bags, earrings , necklaces,scarf etc.Women always love to change their handbags and jewellery.Most of the women love jewellery , now that does not mean that you have to pick up very expensive stuff or it has to be gold/diamond, you can opt for pearls , decent everyday silver jewellery. Dont pick anything too flashy !

2- The practical gift-  A gift is meant to be something that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself.  Never buy a woman something that she “needs” like an appliance or a new vacuum cleaner. These gifts are also things that require work whether it be cooking or cleaning.A gift should bring some luxury or relaxation, not housework.Some women might also take offense if given a household product.

3- Fragrances- Women often  like wearing fragrances , so this is also one of the "safe" option.Just be sure picking up the right type of fragrance , keep in mind not picking up something too strong , remember you are not buying for yourself.Unless the lady is allergic to perfume , this is a good standby gift.There is room for error here if you pick something she doesn’t like the smell of, but most women want to wear something that is enticing to you, so if you liked it, chances are she will too.The most popular fragrance lines such as Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Dior are popular for a reason and make great gift options.

4- Bath & Skincare products- Please don't mistake skincare products with fairness cream & never do the blunder of gifting one to your lady. Some options in skincare products could be shower gel, body lotion , shampoos etc. Brand options-The Body Shop, Lotus , Organic Surge etc.

5-Exchangeable gifts- As great and perfect as you think your gift might be, there’s a chance she actually already has one, it doesn’t match, or doesn’t fit and then she’s left with a useless gift and you’re empty handed.In general, it’s a good idea to stay away from clothes as a gift for a women, but if you’re brave enough to try, definitely make sure its returnable because this is the easiest gift to mess up.

6- Gift Vouchers- If you are running short of time or not too sure about the perfect gift then gift voucher is a good option. Nowadays most of the brands/store like Shopper's Stop,Westside, Nalli etc offer gift voucher options. This gives the lady the liberty to pick the desired product for herself :)

7- Chocolates/Health Bars- Chocolates is a instant like for everyone , man or woman even kids.If the woman is on a diet then may be you can offer health bars(remember they give instant kick :P).Some options could be Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher, After Eight etc.

Some products you should not consider buying unless you are very sure -

1- Cosmetics- Generally woman prefer trying 

2- Apparel & lingerie- Size specific products should be avoided.

Hope you guys like the article !