Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Virtual Trip to Govind Puri Market ....

I confess I am a shopaholic.... I love exploring various options for shopping.
Delhi has wonderful places to shop from and one such place is Govind Puri Market.
I visited the market recently and thought of taking my lovely readers on a virtual round to Govind Puri.

Govind Puri maket is famous for its trims especially threads, rivets, buttons, zippers etc. Also very convenient for metro travelers ...Situated in South Delhi...
 Busy street of Govind Puri.......

Govind Puri is famous among small and big time designers for its variety.
I had to procure material for a traditional suit so headed towards Govind Puri ...as its close by to home & was running out of time....

I went to Ahuja Vastra Bhandar , one of the famous shop in Govind Puri for fabrics....
 It is a multi storey store where you can find all sorts of fabrics like linen, silk , brocade etc...
The good thing is that they offer both regular and exclusive range of fabrics suiting everyone's pocket :)

Some of the festive and vibrant fabrics in the store....

Vibrant brocade fabric ....

Chandari fabric ....

This season the "IN" fabrics are chandari and embroidered net/georgette ...
The whole market is flooded with these fabrics....

If you wish to opt for a chandari suit then I suggest take plain dupatta and salwar/pajami....beause the fabric in itself has sucha  rich look , also can be teamed with contrast borders to make it look more festive.

So did I buy from this shop ???
Hhhhmmmm wait for the next post :)


  1. wooohooo.. you took me there and I loved it!!! :D

  2. This place is one of my fav !

  3. kannu there is an award for you... check my blog

  4. Wow...this place looks great...i am drooling over all the white fabric in the last pic!

    I am going to be in Delhi next month and I am actually going to stay in South Delhi only....that means i can easily go to govindpuri... wooohooo!!!! What other stores in govindpuri are worth visiting?

  5. @Ani-Thanks dear ! I am so happy !! Yay !!

  6. @Swati-We have a similar taste , shall reveal in my next post :P Govindpuri is known for trims in case you are looking for different buttons and other accessories ... Also there is a very famous store by the name Indo laces where you can find a huge variety of laces, thats also on of my favs !

    The other places you can visit could be Sarojni Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Gk-1, Janpath and not to miss Select City Walk mall in Saket :)

  7. i am so glad i came across yr blog.. m yr new follower !! i m droolin over d colorful brocade pic.... awesum pics...

    check out my blog too --

  8. Thanks for the reccos! If you don't mind, can I contact you through email to ask you more about shopping in Delhi?

  9. @rids- welcome to cookdokoo :)
    traditional cloths are so vibrant & colorful .. plus u can mix n match all the possible options :) Yes brocade does look beautiful n rich :)

  10. @Swati-sure sweetz , you can drop a mail at cookdokoo@gmail.com