Saturday, 7 January 2012

Do you like Maggie Noodles ?

Everyone has their own version of "Maggi memory", like of of those late night maggi during exam days and friends night out.....A favorite among hostel students...

Maggi is childhood buddy. I have grown up eating Maggi every now & then, infact I still love it :)
I think the catch is 2 mins cooking time , can you get anything more tempting than Maggi in 2 mins ???

It works as a perfect snack in between meals and so easy to prepare .. even a kid has confidence to make Maggi.

During the ad commercial they claim that it has Calcium & Protein , taste bhi , health bhi !
So who says eating Maggi wasn't healthy???

Also Maggi can be prepared in different ways like with egg, as pakodas, used as filling for sandwich , soupy Maggi etc.


  1. Yes ..Maggie is best .Easy to cook . I fill my kabas with them .Super tasty .Must try .

  2. maggi maggi maggi !!! love it !!!!!!!!!!

  3. @izdiher- I agree , can add twist in any given dish :P

    @Riddhi- Yay , maggi love , hi5 !

  4. ahh Maggieeeeeee

    wanna eat it right now :p :p ,,,its 1:26 in the morning and I am tempted to eat this all cos of ur post,.hehehhe :)

    Good night

    Bless you..

  5. @Namita- Maggi has that magic that I wanna have it at any point of time :)