Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2012 !

It has been a ritual that on 1st January , I try to make some new year resolution ....which I try to stick to for some time...
My New Year resolution for 2012-
1- I will try to do less shopping ( Will shop more during sale period:P)
2-I will try not to loose my temper soon , I will stay calm.
3-Though I am a vegetrian , but will try to cook non-veg food for hubby dearest, ok he can help me here ..huh...
4- Will eat more often at home, health is wealth remember ?
5- I will try to gift a Harley to my hubby dearest ( ok that's a part of his wish list)

So what new year resolution did u make ?


  1. Happy New Year Kannu :)
    Harley for ur hubby and less shopping for you,, :p hehehhe
    ,, yup a bad pj,,
    stay calm n shop sensibly :)
    Bless you,,
    all my good wishes for u and ur family :)

  2. @Tanvi- Thanks wish u the same :)

    @namita- Thanks same to you :) hahahaaaa.... no im seriously trying ...n as per my judgement i always buy sensible .. lolzz..