Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Outfit : Brown plaid trouser with mustard cardigan

This outfit post takes me back into my childhood memories ..... When I was in school I had a very close friend.. we are still close friend. Once on a school function she borrowed on of my outfit , I told her "you look good in borrowed stuff". I think now this phase is very much applicable to me. When I wore this outfit I got so many compliments and to your surprise I borrowed stuff from my mom's wardrobe. My mom is a fashionista I tell u , I think I should feature her on the blog too :)
Sometimes you just get bored of seeing what all of you have and love exploring other options then you meet your stylish mom , who suggests you to wear her outfits :)

White Shirt-Mom's wardrobe 
Mustard cardigan-Mom's wardrobe
Brown plaid trouser-Customized
Necklace-Dariba , Purani Dilli 
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar 
Skinny Belt-Gk-1, M-Block

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Outfit : Denim with Black & White

Saturday is generally relaxed day of the week , I come to office with a smile and eagerly wait for the time to go back home. But today Saturday became the most hectic day of the week , with so many activities lined up back to back ! Still I managed to do a outfit post for you guys , as I might get a little tied up in the days to come as my bestie is coming from US for her trousseau shopping. We have been discussing about this shopping trip , new we have to pull up our socks and hunt for the best of line products majorly from Chandni Chowk & South Extn. She told me she doesn't want to spend a huge amount on her wedding outfit and at the same time it should like a dream outfit , wow we have quite a task here !! Guess what all this shopping has to be done within a week !


Black & White Tee- Lajpat Nagar
Cardigan- Mom's wardrobe
Neckalce-Dilli Haat

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Outfit : Black Trousers & Purple Cardigan

One of the best phase of life is childhood , you don't have to worry about anything ! For everything you have parents :) I wish I could go back in time and re-live my childhood days. Life changes with the times to come. Nothing is permanent in life , not even happiness. One thing I really miss about my childhood days are my dolls, I always loved designing clothes for my dolls :) On that note I wish you all a very Happy Children's Day !
Kids are the most wonderful creation of god, on my trip to Amritsar with my niece I had a awesome time .. now more than anything else I miss her , her beautiful smile , touch ....
Let me tell you she is one of the most well behaved kid , during the entire trip she was not at all cranky and was smiling throughout .

That's my niece Brithi , she is a darling .. Soon she is going back to Australia .. I will miss her a lot ...

Cardigan- Mom's wardrobe 
Black Camisole - Charlotte Tarantolla 
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Outfit: Animal print pants with Kimono sleeves top

There are certain patterns that we always like , for me one such pattern is animal print. I totally love animal print , now I am hoping I find some nice pumps in this print. As I work in healthcare so usually I wear casual clothes only on weekends rest of my wardrobe collection is very work friendly wear which I at times transform in party wear. This reminds me I will try to do a post for you guys on versatile outfit looks !!
I am thinking to add on some new features on the blog soon !!

Top-Cupid, Pune 
Necklace-Art Attack
Statement Ring-Dilli Haat

Monday, 11 November 2013

Nail Art Series 2

There is a phase in your life when you are obsessed with something & then you keep doing it , I think I am experiencing the "nail art" phase currently. Although I resist to buy more nail paints but then I can't resist myself from nail art , very soon I will share the collection of my nail paints with you guys. A close friend once did not let me buy any nail paint saying "Kannu you already have all shades of this particular color". I think such friends are like mirrors and they show you your true face, actually that was the day I tried controlling my urge to buy more nail paints and trust me so far I am succeeding !
I went to Golden Temple last week , had a early morning train can you guys believe I did nail art dedicated to Golden Temple at 2 am , yes should I not be in bed at that time ??? But NO for me nothing can be compared with the satisfaction I get when I do nail art :P

1-Door to heaven 

2- Green & Black Fantasy 

3-Border line 

4- Pastel route 

5-Temple run( I did this nail art for my Golden temple visit )

6-Diva Riche 


8-Feather touch


10-Goddess of darkness 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Why do females like pink ?

I often wonder why is pink considered as "female" color ? When I looked into my wardrobe I noticed that I have a fair mix of all the colors. I think it is something to do with the physiology of the humans that the think pink for females & blue for men ! I inquired from a bunch of females about their favorite color , yes the answer with a smile was PINK !!
When asked why do they like pink the answers were-
1- It looks flattering on most of the skin tones.
2-Wide range of colors to choose from hot pink to baby pink.
3-There is a feel good look good factor.
4-Women feel confident in pink.
5-Its a feminine & pretty color.
6-Since childhood our mind is programmed in such a way that pink is considered girlie color and blue for guys.

While writing this post , I kept humming the Yo Yo Honey Singh song Bebo diya gala pink pink ***

Blouse- Lee Cooper
Loafers- Calonge
Bangle-Lajpat Nagar
Earrings-Lajpat Nagar
Statement rings-Dilli Haat

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Outfit : Red & Black

There are all sorts of people in the world , a bunch of them are experimental & others stay in their comfort zone. I am certainly the one who keeps experimenting even with outfits I wear to work. Last week one of my colleague told me that my dressing inspire many people working here ! Wow I was highly honored. He told me that I should continue doing outfit post and speak to help people in looking good. So I am thinking of starting a new section on the blog soon :)

On aside , did you feel the chill in Delhi ?? I think I need to pull out my winter wear soon !!
Change of weather is never good for my skin I get acne & rashes :((
This winters I am thinking to follow weight loss regime , although a general myth is people eat more in winters ... lets see how I manage to take over these challenges !!

Red top- Gk-1 , M-Block
Trousers- Camaeau