Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gift ideas for women

Often men are confused deciding what would be a perfect gift for women ? For them its one of the most difficult activity to shop for a women & probably their least favorite task.  Hopefully whoever you are buying for is understanding enough to accept that every gift won’t be perfect and every now and then you’ll slip up and buy us something we just don’t want.But to avoid this situation I suggest some categories that you could focus on before buying the perfect gift-

1- Accessories- Women often feel offended if a guy gets then wrong size apparel , imagine if you end up getting a bigger size dress for her ... I am so sure then you might just end up loosing her forever ! Pick up things which are not size specific like bags, earrings , necklaces,scarf etc.Women always love to change their handbags and jewellery.Most of the women love jewellery , now that does not mean that you have to pick up very expensive stuff or it has to be gold/diamond, you can opt for pearls , decent everyday silver jewellery. Dont pick anything too flashy !

2- The practical gift-  A gift is meant to be something that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself.  Never buy a woman something that she “needs” like an appliance or a new vacuum cleaner. These gifts are also things that require work whether it be cooking or cleaning.A gift should bring some luxury or relaxation, not housework.Some women might also take offense if given a household product.

3- Fragrances- Women often  like wearing fragrances , so this is also one of the "safe" option.Just be sure picking up the right type of fragrance , keep in mind not picking up something too strong , remember you are not buying for yourself.Unless the lady is allergic to perfume , this is a good standby gift.There is room for error here if you pick something she doesn’t like the smell of, but most women want to wear something that is enticing to you, so if you liked it, chances are she will too.The most popular fragrance lines such as Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Dior are popular for a reason and make great gift options.

4- Bath & Skincare products- Please don't mistake skincare products with fairness cream & never do the blunder of gifting one to your lady. Some options in skincare products could be shower gel, body lotion , shampoos etc. Brand options-The Body Shop, Lotus , Organic Surge etc.

5-Exchangeable gifts- As great and perfect as you think your gift might be, there’s a chance she actually already has one, it doesn’t match, or doesn’t fit and then she’s left with a useless gift and you’re empty handed.In general, it’s a good idea to stay away from clothes as a gift for a women, but if you’re brave enough to try, definitely make sure its returnable because this is the easiest gift to mess up.

6- Gift Vouchers- If you are running short of time or not too sure about the perfect gift then gift voucher is a good option. Nowadays most of the brands/store like Shopper's Stop,Westside, Nalli etc offer gift voucher options. This gives the lady the liberty to pick the desired product for herself :)

7- Chocolates/Health Bars- Chocolates is a instant like for everyone , man or woman even kids.If the woman is on a diet then may be you can offer health bars(remember they give instant kick :P).Some options could be Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher, After Eight etc.

Some products you should not consider buying unless you are very sure -

1- Cosmetics- Generally woman prefer trying 

2- Apparel & lingerie- Size specific products should be avoided.

Hope you guys like the article !


  1. hahahah interesting... but somehow out of all categories mentioned i prefer my guy gifting me cosmetics and lingerie :) gift vouchers and exchangeable gifts are a strict no-no for me :)

  2. @izdihar- I agree, infact a guy asked me to write this article .. hope he reads it !

  3. @Suma- This article is for the guys who don't know their lady love that well or just friends etc .. Hubby has the liberty to pick & choose anything they like for their lovely wife :)

  4. gr8 ideas.. thnx.. i'm sure it'll help me shop the next time..

  5. @bubby.rulz- I am sure it will help u , let me know the outcome :P

  6. wow! thanks for the great tips. I am actually looking for gifts for her and i think i'd be giving her accessories. thanks for the wonderful tips and keep posting.:)

  7. @Hagi- Thanks for the apprciation , hope the tips help :)

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    1. @V.K Sinha-thanks will post a new article soon :)

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