Saturday, 31 August 2013

Outfit : Grey & Black Comfy Zone

Sometimes it happens to me that in a week a crave for wearing super comfy clothes at work, So when I was doing my rounds of shopping this time I picked up this 3/4th sleeves tunic with pockets.sometimes I liked dressing up in casual outfits with statement jewellery. So when I wore this tunic I wanted to add some color to the look, I opened my accessory box and thought of teaming it with my neon bangles. Now you must be thinking that my previous post also had a pop of neon ... May be you can say its obsession stage with neon colors....

Lately I am obsessed with punjabi songs , to brush up my punjabi skills I talk with my bestie in Punjabi ...,hehheee ... Its so much of fun I tell u :)
I would recommend you all to listen to this punjabi song BA fail , you tube link , listening the song while watching the video is so much fun !!

Tunic-Tommy Hilfiger 
Jeggings- Customised
Necklace- From Janpath 
Footwear-Hush Puppies 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Outfit : Neon Traditional With Side Braid & Nail Art

When everyone is going crazy for neons then why should I left behind ?? If you ask me , personally I love neon accents , they simply pop up a basic outfit ! I have loads of neon accessories , this is my first neon outfit.During my recent trip to fabric store I picked these fabrics , honestly when I was buying these fabrics I had no idea what I would be getting made out of it, but later I came up with a simply design with just a addition of gold & silver embossed gotta. Also I though it would be nice just to add a little bit of spark to the outfit as already the color is so vibrant.

So coming to the outfit and the look ... once I was dressed I was thinking to do a different hairdo and makeup. So then came the idea of doing winked eyes and side braid.

P.S.- I have clicked picture from my new camera Canon A2500 , some how the images look way too bright to me, any solutions ?

This is my first attempt to crease eye makeup :)

I did golden french manicure with black flowers :)

Traditional suit- my creation 
Footwear- Mom's , from Pune
Earrings-The Jewellery, GK-II

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Outfit : Yellow Chikankari Kurta & Nail Art

When its very hot & humid (read Delhi's current weather condition) I prefer wearing salwar and kurta. I generally get very excited when I get new clothes , this Kurta is a Eid gift from my colleague all the way from Lucknow.... I love chikankari work a lot , its looks so classy and elegant. So I just grabbed the opportunity to wear the kurta , I teamed it with white salwar & dupatta.

I think that your clothes reflect your mood , to make myself even more happy I did the matching nail art , although I never bother to match my nail paint with the outfit , but you see the excitement of wearing this kurta made me go a little out of the way to bring more joy to myself.

And now comes the matching nail art :)

Kurta- gifted , from Lucknow 
salwar & dupatta- from my mom's wardrobe 
Footwear-Hush puppies

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tutorial : Step by step saran wrap manicure

These days I am obsessed with nail art , I keep trying new things. I have always loved water marble nail art but it's a very messy & difficult thing to do. I was looking for a alternate to water marble then came to know about saran wrap technique. I really love this technique and the effect , its simple and amazing !

So coming to the tutorial -
You would need , any nail paints of your choice and cling wrap (alternate could be the plastic bag you get from vegetable hawkers )
Top coat

I used these three nail paints to create the look-

Step 1-
Select your first shade, I have applied the white nail paint, let it dry completely.

Apply both Fuschia and orange polish, don't let it dry.

Step 3-
Use cling wrap/soft plastic bag and dab it to create a random effect.

Step 4-
Let the polish dry and clean the sides with q-tips.

Steps 5-
Apply top coat and your manicure is done :)

Hope you liked the tutorial :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Outfit:Stripes tee and denim

Hello sweethearts , first of all sorry for being a a MIA for while , im back now :), with another outfit post.
Today is a casual day at work and I had a very busy Friday , Eid celebrations with friends and family followed by late night Gurdwara visit.Yes I am a religious girl occasionally I visit shrines.. so after sleeping at around 4.30 & then again heading for work today I just wanted to slip in my clothes, so I decided to wear comfy tee and denims ...
I think after ages I am wearing blue denim today ....I realized this when hubby dearest told me its been ages he has seen me in denims ... I guess your wardrobe completely changes when you work in corporate, that too for 6 days.
With just one Sunday , I am not left with much of options as already I plan to do lot of activities on that day.
Sometimes I ask myself I am totally a clothes person , what's happening to me ? Then my inner voice says that be creative with your wardrobe and do't let your designing die....

This is the first time I am wearing a matt black nail paint , im loving it ....If you are looking for a affordable and long staying nail paint , then do give a shot to Faces nail paints.. I am hooked to them , have 3 now .... and thinking to get more :P


Flip flops-Bata
Necklace-my creation :)