Saturday, 31 March 2012

Colorbar Black Crackle Nailpaint Review

One of the "IN" trend in nail art is crackle nailpaint.I just love nail art and crackle nail paint  is the easiest way to satisfy my urge for nail art.Crackle nail paints are so much fun to use ! I so wanted a black crackle nailpaint , glad that Colorbar came up with it !!

Colorbar crackle nailpaint

I wore white nailpaint as a base and applied a top coat.

Apologies for the messily applied nailpaint.

My take on the product-
If you love crackle nailpaint then you must try this product , I am loving it ! I would suggest use light colors as base and preferably nail paint without glitter.

1- Easy to apply.
2-Dries faster.
3-Stays for long.

2- A little expensive

Overall rating- 5/5

Do I recommend this product- Yes highly recommended to nail art lover :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

My Current Favorite Lipsticks

When it comes to lipsticks I am currently loving shades of pink, coral and orange.
Can you imagine some time back I never had lipsticks in my collection , I was a total lip gloss person and then transformed into a lipstick person.I am sharing few of my favorite lipsticks pix with you guys.

NYX- Louisiana, Faces-Kelly Girl, OriflamePink Kiss- , Colorbar-Citrine

Lip Quad From Coastal Scents

Revlon-Frost Siren #385 , Chambor Powder Matt Orange Fambe, Max Factor-Bewitching Coral , Chambor Intense gloss #615

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Red & Black Outfit & Minimal Makeup

I am liking the minimal makeup look these days :)
Today I decided to wear red & white thought of doing the minimal makeup look with it.
Tunic & tights is one of my favorite look for summers , its so comfy & relaxed.

Wearing -
Tunic from Colaba, Mumbai
Zig zag detailing tights- from Karol Bagh
Black boyfriend watch- Ed Hardy
Gold & Black cuff- From Pantaloons

Ok im flaunting my coral nail paint here :P

Makeup wise-
Barely there lipstick from Street Wear
Maybelline Colosal Mascara
Colorbar Cosmique blush
Street Wear Mineral eye shadow
Garnier tinted eye roll on
Bourjois intense black eye shadow

eye makeup closeup

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chambor Vernis A Ongles #315 Desert Orange Review

I love wearing nail paints and I keep changing it quite frequently. Coral is one of my current favorite color so decided to wear coral nail paint. Also this is my first nailpaint for Chambor so I kinda 
excited about it ! 

I believe colors add happiness in life and the best way to get a dose of colors for me is by wearing nailpaint. For me nailpaints are instant mood lifter , even I advise my friends to wear bright colors or keep changing nailpaint frequently !

Chambor Vernis A Ongles #315 Desert Orange
Price- Rs 270 for 7 ml

Picture without flash

Picture with flash

Pictures in day light

My take on the product-
I am wearing two coats of the nail paint , this is how it shows the actual color. It a reddish tone of coral , makes the hands look pretty pretty :)

1- Very nice consistency 
2- Impressive brush.
3- Long staying power.
4-Quick dry.

1- Availability
2- Slighting expensive.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Summer Fresh Minty Green Look

Hubby dearest is very fond of green , so whenever I indulge in green its because of him ... as he keeps saying to me " you should get something that I like ?", so I got these cowl pocket pants keeping in mind that hubby will like it & he did like it ! Yay !!

I wanted to start my Monday with positive thoughts and a relaxed look so decided to team the pants with start print tee !

Ok this look is dedicated to my hubby dearest ! Starting Monday with a positive note(next month is my birthday so I am trying to be nice )

Star print tee- gifted
Minty Green pants- Innner circle, Lajpat Nagar
Flats- from Lajpat Nagar
Peridot bow earrings- picked up from a exhibition
Shell bangle- gifted
Rose quartz necklace- picked up from exhibition
Fossil watch

Makeup wise I am wearing-
Garnier tinted eye roll on
NYX round lipstick in Louisiana
Lakme pink liquid liner
Colorbar cosmique rose blush 
Colosal Kajal
Faces stack eye shadow in minty green

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Veg Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Cooking time- 10 mins

Corn- 100 gms
Beans-50 gms, finely chopped
Carrots- 2 finely chopped
Cabbage-50 gms finally chopped
Vinegar- 1 tbsp
Salt- as per taste
Black pepper- 1 tbsp
Cornflour- 3 tbsps
Water-500 ml

In a pressure cooker , add water and all the vegetables along with the salt & give it two whistles.

Open the lid and mix the black pepper & vinegar. Now add the cornflour, mix it it water so that there are no limps.

Now add this in the soup mix and keep stirring it to ensure that there are no limps , keep doing it for 2 mins and voila your Soup is ready !

I have added some pieces of cheese(paneer) to give it an Indian accent :P

You may add soya sauce and chilli sauce, that's optional !

Coralicious Look !

Coral is one of my favorite color these days, so today I decided to coordinate my outfit in coral & also tried to match my makeup with it ! I was trying to do this look from so long , finally today I did it today ! Yay!!

So Saturday had been been a bit hectic and at the same time fun for me !  I'm fasting these days  for Navrataras, Jai Mata Di !!
While the first thing that stikes the mind during this time is fried food but then I am trying to eat healthy food and keeping less ratio of fried food in my meals !

Pairing tights with tunic is one of my favorite look, I find it very comfy and relaxed !
Also I like teaming belts with tunics !

Harpa Wrap
Coral Tunic-gifted
Beige studded belt- Forever New
Beige studded heels- From Gk-1
Floral printed tights- Pieces

I did a blend of yellow and coral eye shadow.

Makeup wise I am wearing-
Garnier tinted eye roll on
Lakme eye artist liner.
Biwitiching coral from Max factor(my current favourite lippy)
Lord & Berry Kajal
Colorbar Cosmique Rose Blush
Maybelline Colosal Mascara

Monday, 19 March 2012

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Blue Topaz Review

I had a mid-night craving to buy a mid-night nail paint. Going to 24/7 late night is like a ritual we follow when we want to grab a mid-night snack or when the sweet tooth demands ice cream !
I had been looking for a nice mid-night nail paint for long and finally got one at Colorbar.
To every girl cosmetics means a lot and there a certain obsession for a particular product, in my case its nail paint. I am regular with my nail paint shopping and love experimenting with almost all the colors , the brighter/vibrant the merrier in my case :)

For me nail paints shopping is like a instant mood uplifter....I really enjoy doing it !

Colorbar is one of the trusted brand of beauty bloggers and it has never disappointed me .. I love their products be it lipsticks , i-glide pencils, kajals, foundations and yes the nailpaints ! I love it all !!

#91 Blue topaz is a nice shade of blue with glitter effect and purple undertones.

Shade #91 Blue Topaz

This is how it looks on me ! I have applied two coats to achieve the perfect color.
Apologies for not applying it so neatly !

1- Long lasting.
2- The brush is decent.
3-Even coverage.
4-Quick drying.
5-Beautiful color.

1- Availability could be a problem.
2- Price Rs.150 is slightly on higher side.

Overall verdict- A very nice & bold shade for night outs.

Rating- 4/5

Recommendations- Yes if you are looking for a mid-night blue with shimmer effect then this will not disappoint you.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Minimal Makeup Look

After doing a joint blog post with Namita of I got inspired to do minimal makeup look today.
Today being Friday, I am relaxed and already in weekend mood. Firstly I plan to get my share of beauty sleep , then do cooking for hubby dearest !
Have to meet family and friends, cleaning,etc .. ufff .. so much to do ? Why can't we have more than two days added to weekend #just a thought !

So today I did minimal makeup look, liked it  & thought of doing the post on the same :)
I did not take me long to do this look , lets say 5-7 mins .. that's it !
I recommend this look highly to the working people and especially to the people who are not perfect with putting eye liner and want basic look.

Makeup break up-
Colorbar blush- Cosmique Rose
Cover Girl Lipstick in nudish color( don't remember the shade no)
Street wear mineral eye shadow enchantress
 Maybelline Colossal Kajal
Maybelline Colosal Mascara 
Garnier under eye roll on tinted 

Neon orange nails , my current obsession ! I am a orange lover be it anything !

Here is today's look

Black tunic with random button placement - picked up randomly
Statement Necklace- Art Attack
Polki earrings & ring - Silverline
Skinny jeans- Levis
Silver flats- picked up randomly from Lajpat Nagar

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Trends

Spring Summer Trends 2012

Summers are almost here and this time It has arrived with a splash of colours Big time.

Summers screams colours as well as comfort, so be it fashion or makeup or hairstyles, keeping it minimalistic, colourful, yet simple is the sure shot way to enjoy even in the summer heat.

This blog post in a joint collaboration by CookDoKoo and VivaciousFlair

Kannu from is covering the Fashion trends this spring-summer 2012


Namita from is covering the Makeup and Hairstyle trends spring-summer 2012.

Lets talk Fashion ,

Spring Summer Trends 2012                                     
1-      Floral prints- Floral prints are very prominent this season. However one can adapt them as per the body type , for instance if you are on heavier side then you can opt for small/medium prints & skinny girls can flaunt big floral prints.

2-      Longer length-The biggest trend this summer is longer length that includes longer length skirts and long maxi dresses. Make it large this season pull out your long outfits!

3-      Color blocking- One of the most now trend this season is color blocking. Play with bold colors to create unique looks.

4-Rompers- Rompers still continue to be a hit this season. Not only are they comfortable but also look very stylish and chic !
5-Color- Orange/Tangerine is the colour of the season, so indulge yourself with the trendy colour this season! Make a bold statement with this vibrant color !

 Leggings are still hot this season. You can opt for solids , printed or textured ones. Woman of all ages follow this trend.

7-Choker Necklace-This is a trend that we haven’t seen emerging in recent times but this season this is hot ! Team it with a simple look and look glamorous.

8-Peter Pan Collar- One of the emerging trend this season is Peter Pan collar, they look cute and feminine.

9- Cuff bracelet-T hese pieces make for a great base with which to pair colorful exotic-inspired jewelry. From chunky cuffs to natural cut stones, there's something for everyone .

10- Crochet/lace detailing -Lace is a big trend for this spring and summer. Once only reserved for wedding dresses or formal wear, lace is showing up everywhere. Designers are adding lace to not only sporty shoes and handbags, but to everyday wear such as blouses, skirts, and dresses.

Interested in makeup and hairstyling,,
Read further ,,

 Makeup and Hairstyles that are going to be a trend this year as well as practical are :
1. Go for minimalistic yet colourful eye makeup
Using three different shades and blending them to create one is good for autumn and winters, where they are not going to melt down your eyes and create a mess. For summers and spring go for a single eye colour and blend well. It looks cute, save time plus you don’t have to worry for different shades creating a mess of their own.

2. Orange-sun kissed look is back

Take out all of your peachy orange blushes and make your cheeks look oh-so-pretty. Pinks and shimmers are more of night time .
Don’t go for heavily bronzed cheeks, a light swipe is all you need to have a health glow or if you want a light fake tan.

3. Go for light makeup base

Heavily caked face or a full coverage foundation are not your best friends in summer, they will melt down and make your skin look bad. Also due to heat your facial skin perspires more, so a heavy layer of foundation will block the pores and you may have to face some ugly pimples on your pretty face.
A light makeup base, used with a foundation sponge is good for you when you want to look slightly dressed up. Although my suggestion will be to go for Tinted Moisturisers.
Tip for summers: Mix one drop of light coverage foundation with a thin liquidy face moisturizer and dab it on your face and blend with your fingers. Gives little coverage and lets your skin breathe.
4. Corals/Baby pinks/Muted Browns to rule the lips
Skip lip glosses, this is one thing that irritates the most in summer heat; Go for lip tints and clear lip balms.
5. Chuck Black ~ Go for Browns, purple, green, blue and yellow!!
Black eyeliner that too heavily applied does not scream summer at all.
All you need is colourful liners, looks super good and cheery J

Let’s come to hairstyles now.
Summer is all for bouncy wavy soft curly hair this year
1. Stay away from your styling equipments
Keep them aside for special occasions, rest of the time enjoy the natural style of your hair, a bit wavy, light curls are super in this season. Just remember to accentuate your hair with cute pins and bands.
2. Say hello to new type of side braids

Side braids ruled the entire last year and yes it is going to reign this year also, but with slight variations.

Instead of side braids, side braided buns are going to be popular. Honestly speaking nothing is more cuter than a side braided bun with a cute lil flower clip on it ,, J
3. Wavy waterfall hairstyle has come back again

Confused on how to do it,, well it is simply clipping small section of your hair near the crown of your head after braiding it normally and leaving the rest of your hair as it is,,it suits more on layered and naturally wavy hair than straight hair.
For girls with poker straight hair, make an unruly high bun, from the tail of your comb pull out some strands of hair from it to give a casual look.

4. Say hello to centre partings

This is one trend that has made its comeback after so many years.
Centre partings or your hair’s natural way of parting is going to be a trend this season.
Basically it is to give a casual / effortless look. Poufs are to be ditched big time.

5. Accessorize

The simple the better. Choose according to your hair style as well as your dressing style.

So, this was all about what 2012 spring-summer trends in the world of Fashion, Makeup and Hairstyles are going to be.

Did you see something common in here,,,
It’s the vibrant colours,, well..what is Summer without any colour ;)

Thanks a lot