Friday, 9 December 2011

Winter Makeup Trends

After doing my last post on Winter Trends I thought I should cover Winter Makeup Trends too. So here it goes....

1-Nude Makeup- This look never goes out of trend and always . It is fast , easy and fresh.Perhaps, the main difficulty here is to create radiant nude makeup (what is more important not to overdo, remember it is still nude makeup) that would accentuate your natural beauty. All you need is makeup foundation tone that perfectly suits your complexion, neutral eyeshadow shade, mascara to make your eyes pop, a bit of blush applied to the apples of your cheekbones for more vivid look and nude lip-gloss or lipstick color to complete the look.

2-Bold Lips-This winter season make a statement with bold lips, although on one side perfect nude make up is part of trends and on the other is the bold lips.Everything from  orange and red lipstick shades to burgundy and dark purple ones.Just make sure the idea is to make the lips pop out so keep the make up minimal.

3-Thick Eyebrows- We can kiss goodbye to thin over-plucked brows as now thick natural sometimes even boyish eyebrow look is ‘in’. Moreover Fall/Winter 2011-2012 makeup trends make us to define eyebrows with black pencil.

4-Varicolored Smoky Eyes- Smoky eyes are hottest trend this winter season,here the only thing here that changes about smoky eyes is the eyeshadow shade.The classic smoky looks is there but the variation look with unusual eye-shadow shade is also here to stay ! 

5- Eyeliner- Lines, lines and again lines… from thin winged eye lines to weird thick lines covering almost all the lid. Line your eyes the way you like and make a style statement.

6- Orange eye makeup- Orange is the color of the season , you can find it every where be it apparel , footwear and accessories. A punch of orange can do wonders to even a simple look. You can team orange eyes with  a bit of pink, green, yellow etc.

Hope you guys liked the article :)


  1. Nice favorite is the bold eyebrow trend because I think nothing shapes your face better than perfectly shaped strong eyebrows!

  2. nice post !! i lyk d nude makeup look

  3. very nice post kannu :) I like the nude make up and dark liner: )

  4. @Swati- I also like thick eyebrows , shall try this look soon !

    @Rids- Thanks , one of my fav look too :)

    @Bee- Thanks sweets ! yup I think I am gonna try all these looks !!

  5. nice post............ i think winter is the season of dryness....... so lips must be glossy......... and eyes kohly...................

  6. These might be the current trends but they are my year round make up 'to do's :)

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  7. @ Ani- Gloss n kajal is my all time fav look :)

    @Tanvi- Ohh nice , Btw I love yr blog :)