Thursday, 5 January 2012

Winter Chic Look !

The winter scene is quite interesting. In the morning the sky remains foggy,it is very cold. Wind blows from the north. The sun appears very late in the morning. The sun light is also not hot. The weather is quite pleasant.

There are certain things thats I don't like about winters-
1- Getting out of the cozy bed in the morning(I anways don't like getting early in the morning).
2- Driving in fog , thats like a challange , I just saw Jai Mata Di before stepping in the car ....
3-Washing hair frequently !
4-Wearing layers and layers of sweaters & jackets !
5-Taking my hands out of the pocket to do handshake ..lolz...

Delhi is known for its winters , traffic and the fog !

Today as usual I got up a little late , although every night I promise myself that I will get up early but that me ... I always think ok another 5 mins in the bed & then I will keep rolling but then that sleeping extra for 5 mins gets extended to 1/2- 1 hr... 

Today I did a chic funky look .....
Today in the morning when I was driving it was so foggy and I saw a couple of accindents ... shit I was scared .. The best way to get rid of your tensions is to smile as per me ... Here in this pic you can see all smiles , that did help me in getting out of the fog driver fear and have a positive start for the day. I am happy that the kids agreed to get some clicks with me , on my right is my friend Zia who is adding spark in the pic.

I did smoky eyes with neutral lips today :)

Front detail sweater
Pearl Necklace
Denim Jacket 
Stripper tights 
Red sequins ballerina
H&M Black mini skirt


  1. this is my fav combo in reverse.. hehehe
    I too always pair up my denim mini with cool tights :)

  2. @Bee- U will not believe this , i was actaully thinking to wear the denim skirt .. but then decided to go with black skirt and denim jacket :P

  3. u luk amazing in diz outfit.!!!!!!

  4. Kannu I loved the pic in which you are looking back with ur hands holding the branch,,very cute,,
    the outfit is lovely too,,I love ur sweater..

    the pic with all the kids is shoo cute :)

  5. @Zia- Thanks and u also look fab here :)

    @Namita- I think great minds think alike , thats my fav too !Imagine the kids got so excited for the shoot n even after the clicks were done they were asking should they pose again ... hahahaha its was good fun !

  6. looking so nice and in the last pic so hot pose.... wow