Monday, 15 July 2013

Nail Art Series , Current Favorite

I am totally a nail paint girl , I can never have enough of nail paints :P. I just love buying/applying nail paints. There are two makeup products that I love buying one is nail paint and other is lipsticks , yes I love lipsticks too :) when it comes to lipsticks I pick mostly coral, pink and orange !!
Recently I have been obsessed with trying nail art, you might just laugh when I will tell you the reason ... My husband is out of town .. to keep mu mind diverted I keep doing nail art and shopping , I am almost broke now .. god .... still 15 days are left in this month how will I manage ?? Plus the sale season is so tempting ...uff I am a shopaholic !!

So coming back to the nail art .. I thought of sharing the images of the nail art attempts I have made :)

The french manicure with blue tips !

The disco nails !

Orange & black nails !

The girlie pink  animal print nails with silver tips !
(Thanks to konad stamping nail art kit )

Summer refreshing mint nails with pink tips

Black & White crackle nails !
I love this one its so simple and convenient :))

Floral pink tips manicure !
I am in love with this nail art , I find it very elegant and chic !!

I will share images of more nail art designs soon with you guys !!

I am thinking to do nail art tutorial , please let me know in-case you want me to cover any of the above in that.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Outfit: Super Girl Tee with Trousers & Stamping Nail Art Attempt

Hello everyone , how is the weekend treating you ? I am super excited today because its Saturday and also I have office party tonite.This woule be like my first office party , since yesterday I am discussing about my look with my friends ....heheheee.. I guess I need a reason to dress and tonite is going to be a rocking night. I will try to do outfit look of tonite's look :)

I am in a super relaxed mood today so dressed in casuals !

I kept the makeup minimal today...

Here comes the nail art :)
Its my first attempt of stamping nail art !!

Tee- Gifted
Trousers- customized

Friday, 5 July 2013

Outfit: Refreshing Pink Desi Look & Nail Art

Does it happen to you that you just wear traditional clothes for the whole week ?
Yes it happened to me .... this whole week I just wore traditional clothes, prime reason Delhi summers !!
To beat the heat I am mostly wearing traditional clothes these days. Also another reason is that I am travelling a lot within Delhi especially in the afternoon time , so I though it would be more apt to wear something loose and yet comfortable.
You know everyday I prey to god that it should rain in Delhi and we get some relief from the heat but then I think what is going to happen to the traffic ?? In Delhi rain = traffic jams (read crazy traffic jams). The worst part is that in afternoon nothing seems effective , while driving I  get the grilling feeling , even the car a/c fails to deliver :(
To keep myself moving , I drink lot of water/juices during my afternoon trips ....

Oki time to show you my nail art attempt :)

Kurta- from Kalkaji
Tights-from Kalkaji
Bangles- Silver assorted
Silver ring- Silverline 
Necklace-Dilli Haat