Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Black & White Look

What does Black & White remind you ??
I think it reminds me of old B&W television, newspaper, lawyers, prisoners ,classic b&w movies and periodic pictures..May be a couple of more things .....

I thought of doing a b&w look, I consider it as one of the strongest combination.

Details about the outfit-
Black chantelly dress worn as tunic , White cardigan and black tights with zig zag detailing.
Rosette kitten heels peep toe.

I love adding a pop of colors to wore turquoise necklace and earrings.
I kept make up minimal & opted a peachy lipstick :)

The necklace is from Art Attack, here is the FB Page link-

The earrings are from Leh , I got a collection of turquoise jewellery when I visited Leh :)
I love turquoise jewellery  add it with a plain outfit and create a new look !


  1. my all-time fav combo :D
    and the cardigan is so pretty :D

  2. my all-time fav. color combo.. love the zig-zag black tights (get 1 for me in Med. size).. beautiful peach lip color.. very soothing n relaxing cardigan.. overall job well-done!! <3

  3. very cute blog Kannu :)
    nice outfit, you are looking nice,,i too have the same cardigan.

  4. Lovely necklace! I am going to check out artattack!....thar peach lippie looks great on you!

  5. @Bee- Same here ! This is one of my fav cardigan :)

    @Gayatri aka Gattu- Finally we have started thinking alike ! Surely will get the same tights for u <3

    @Namita- Welcome to the blog and thanks :) Wow u must share the pic in that case :)

    @Suma- Thanks , i love it :)

    @Swati- Thanks dear :)

  6. nice look....oh btw am holding a giveaway..if interested do participate in my giveaway :)

  7. @allaboutladies- Welcome to my blog :)

    Shall chk yr blog and the giveaway !