Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Adding a little bit of PINK !!

A brooch can do wonders to any look !
You can team it with multiple looks , can we worn on garments, bags, hair etc ...
I wore it with my lime green tunic :)

This bicycle reminded me of my childhood days , I still remember during summer vacation I use to go crazy driving my bicycle . My younger brother and cousin sister sat behind me always holded me tight so that they don't fall !! Childhood days were fun ..... I wish I could revind my childhood days and live in it for some more time :)

Here I am wearing Lime green Barishka tunic from Colaba , Black & White Stripper tights from Sarojni Nagar, Black flats from Lajpat Nagar,Pink Brooch picked up randomly...

I wore pink lipstick and pink liner to cordinate with the pink brooch :)

Brooches are easily available at almost all the places , in case you don't find the desired brooch then you can make one as per your choice :)
Some material that can used to make a brooch could be left over fabric , feathers ,sequins, crystals etc etc etc ....


  1. I loved the hint of pink... and lipstk shade... share details :)

  2. lovely look- very unique and trendy :)

  3. @Anu- Thanks ... adding a pop of colors can do wonders !!! Here I am wearing Lakme satin enrich lipstick #135.

  4. @Beeni- Thanks ... I tired adding twist to a casual look :)

  5. ur looking like a pretty parrot........... sooo nice..

  6. So vibrant and colorful! I really love your makeup here!

  7. @Swati- Thanks , I kept it minimal :)