Monday, 21 November 2011

Mix & Match Creation

If you would have read the previous post about the Govindpuri trip , you would know I went there for a purpose....
It was my mumma's bday last week , I thought of gifting her a traditional suit :)
I generally like to mix things , its so much of fun and innovative :)

This is what I created for my mumma :)
Details about the outfit
Kurta- Front in Chandari Silk and back in Cotton Silk with contrast tapes on the sleeves.
Paisley Panel inserted in the center with conrast pipings in fuschia & teal.
Pajami-Fuschia cotton silk
Dupatta-Net with brocade fabric used as tapes in fuschia & teal. Backing of the dupatta is done with fuschia fabric.

I give a lot of focus on detailing of the garment and think a lot before deciding the final look.

A close up image of the panel .

I loved this panel the moment I saw it and cordinated the rest of the fabrics with it :)
Since the paisley had a very royal look , so wanted to keep a balanced look , so teamed it with chandari silk base in natural color.

Sleeve closeup

The sleeves is in off-white , to not make it look very off from the outfit I decided to add contrast trims.

Close up of the dupatta

I took a net dupatta in teal and added contrast brocade tapes, also backed it with fuschia fabric to match with the pajami.

Now the question is will my mumma like it ?
When I showed her the suit she totally loved it !!
I asked mumma to pose for the blog as I designed this suit keeping in mind her taste :)
Also I wanted to see how the outfit looks on her :)

Hope you guys liked my creation :)


  1. i luvd d colors u have combined... good job !!

  2. @Rids- Thanks rids ... I wanted to keep a balance of all the colors :)

  3. This is such a classy creation...just the kind I like...I love the combination of red green and golden...great job, di!

  4. its awsome kannu.......... very very nice..... suits ur mummy very much....

  5. @Swati-I wanted to make a nice classy suit for mumma , a touch of gold , fuschia and teal :)

    @Ani-Thanks dear :)

    @Bee- I agree :)

  6. shez luks so elegant...i luv d dress esp d dupatta =)

  7. @Sunaa- Ya she does :) Thanks for liking the outfit and yes I love dupattas with detailing :)

  8. Looks really pretty! the colors are gorgeous! !:)