Monday, 14 November 2011

Life Before & After Marriage !!!!

Hindu wedding is thought to be the bringing of two people who are said to be compatible. 
When a girl is born in a family , the parents start saving up for their daughter's wedding.
There is a strong bond of love between the daughter and the family and marriage is the most important event for the parents.

My mother too unlike other mothers did save up for my wedding ever since I was born. A legacy of traditional jewellery was passed on to me along with other trousseau gifts.

When I was young I always told my parents that I would never marry and would stay with them forever but destiny had something else decided for me.
When I was growing up I realized how important it is to live a life with your partner....
Then I met the love of my life Vaibhav , he is a gem of a person.
When I told my family about him their were mixed reactions ..... ok what does the guy do ? Is is capable of taking good care of u ? and series of question and answer round...

Then one fine day Vaibhav met my parents and it was thumbs up !!
Now what ? Preparations for the wedding started ....

I could never imagine that it wasn't easy to depart from the family I had grown up with & share my sorrow and joy .... My mother & I are like best friends.... I share every thing with her ... I was so habitual of them ... then I started thinking how will I live without them ??
But then my sweetheart assured me he would take good care of me after marriage :)

I was going through a very emotional phase before marriage .. I think every girl does ...

My life before marriage was very different from life now ...
I governed my thoughts , lived a carefree life !
For everything there is mamma for me :)
Never bothered about anything....

Some of the images of me and Vaibhav before marriage 

As they say courtship period is the best time of your life ......

Mostly me & my hubby had a distance relationship .. but just before the marriage he moved back to Delhi and I got the whole time in the world to know more about him .. his likes and dislikes :)

Then came the grand wedding day !

My mumma always wanted me to wear red/maroon on my wedding  & me too :)
So after various trips to all the stores in Delhi we settled down with the maroon lehanga for my wedding :)

Now comes to Vidai part.....
Vidai is the most emotional part of the wedding ... Now I was going away from my family and joining Wadhwa family as their Bahu....
During Vidai my whole life since childhood revolved around me as a flashback !
Parting from your family is never easy but them I had a new family waiting for me with open arms :)

My hubby assured me the day we got married that he will always take good care of me and would always love me...
He is a lovely hubby , I feel blessed to have him in my life :)

Now talking about life after marriage ... 
Life after marriage is equally good , now I have two set of parents :)
Although as "Bahu" I have certain responsibility at home but I enjoy doing that ...
I love making coffee and toast for my dear hubby in the morning:)

I will be completing three years of my marriage soon .. and I have observed that people nowadays find it difficult to adjust to the new family especially girls ...
Well I will say , its the way you look at things ... A glass is half empty or half filled !
A girl can play role of a needle or scissors !

I feel blessed to have Wadhwa Family and my dear most hubby by my side :)

I still remember the saat-pheras that we took and promised to be with him forever .......


  1. You made me think of my wedding day girl :)) very lovely post :))

  2. @Bee- Thanks .. U know I also got very emotional while I was writing this post especially the vidai part...

  3. awww! loved reading the post :)

  4. tum dono ki jodi salamat rahe...... looking very nice in wedding

  5. V and you make such a lovely couple! God bless you both!

    You look really pretty in your wedding pic...maroon really suits you!

  6. @Swati- Thanks dear :) Oohh ya my mumma also feels the same about marron on me :)

  7. god bless kiddo....u have grown up it seems ..atleast a little...btw u have inspired me to write my a daughter n as a bahu n ofcorse as a wife n i feel like starting right away..maybe not fr the world to see on fb but fr myself...thanx fr the inspiration...god bless...

  8. @Pragati-Thanks bhabhi :) I am sure you will enjoy writing your blog , all the best :)