Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nalli-fied experince !!

I went to Nalli a few days back , so thought of taking store pix and writing about them.
Nalli is one of my favorite store for traditional weaves, I visit the store quite frequently especially when need to update my tradional wear wardrobe.

Nalli has three stores in Delhi situated in CP, South Extn and Gk-II. I mostly visit their Gk-II store as its close by from where I stay and love their service :) Since this is a recent store in Gk-II so its mostly not crowded, so I get a fair chance to explore all options in the story.


Nalli is a multi storey store where they have sections divided on each floor. If you are a traditional weaves lover than this is a must visit store for you. Here you can find all sorts of silk blend running fabrics, sarees , suit pieces , ready-made suits and bags.

Nalli offers wide range of silk sarees that includes Banaras silk, Kanjivaram etc.

Inside view -

Some images of cotton fabrics-

Now this is one of my favourite section , here you can find cut pcs at discounted price.

On the right side you can see there are some pics in different fabrics , I am very fond of this section because I anyways don't like picking the same fabrics for one suit , so from this section I can mix and match and make the best possible combinations :)

The man posing near the counter is my favorite SA , he totally understands what I am looking for :)

Nalli has all range of fabrics , so can fit in eveyone's budget.

Also they have branches in other cities.


  1. Nice change in totally goes with the feel f your blog posts!

  2. @ISimplyLoveDressUp - Thanks :)

    @Swati- Thanks & I love vibrant colors especially orange & yellow !!