Friday, 4 November 2011

Glass bangles & Rose Quartz Necklace

There is nothing quite like the melodious clinking of glass bangles! Considered as an aphrodisiac, glass bangles with their unique sound are known to arouse men. The luminescence and elegance of glass bangles is unmistakable and universal in appeal. Their glow reaches your face and makes you look even more beautiful and graceful.
The real glass bangles are made only in place in India and that is Firozabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. These delicate beauties come in a range of colors, styles, and with different embellishments. Glass bangles are easy to wear, maintain, and every woman can add bangles to her list of fashion accessories and make a personal style statement. Here’s how glass bangles have been embraced by women world wide and how they have become much-wanted fashion accessories.

Dressing Up with Glass Bangles
 Wear glass bangles in different colors with your outfit and transform into a queen! Bangles impart an elegant look that’s hard to duplicate. Whether you are dressing for a black tie event, or a casual party, glass bangles will never be out of place. After all, these circular rings of glass worn around the wrist originally were worn by the brides during their weddings. Try wearing an extra large set of bangles on both wrists and go minimalistic with the jewelry for a formal do. Bold and bright colored bangles will make you the focus of attention and setting you apart in the crowd.

Hugely popular not just in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, glass bangles are also popular in America. You’ll never believe it if we tell you that American brides have started wearing glass bangles at their weddings; but that not all…even the bridesmaids wear them too! With every conceivable color available, these glass bangles are a perfect match for any wedding color.
Going Casual with Glass Bangles
If you like all things traditional, unique, and ethnic, glass bangles are great for your everyday fashion. Try multicolored glass bangles with jeans, a nice top, and mojaris or flat soled Indian shoes. Wear on just one write or both. You can even wear over a dozen bangles in each hand and relax with the melodious tinkling sound as they clash with each other. You can even wear glass bangles with pencil skirts, pants, or suit to add a feminine touch to your appearance.
Don’t forget to create your own individualistic look using these latest fashion accessories!

 I wore my rose quartz necklace :-)
This is one of my favourite necklace, I love teaming it with pastel tone outfits ...For some reason , all of a sudden , I felt likt I had to get a Rose Quartz crystals to wear as a necklace. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love. It purifies and open the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It is calming , reassuring and excellent for use in trauma or crisis.


  1. I love teaming glass bangles with indian wear...i really liked your write-up!

  2. @Swati- I agree, vibrant glass bangles can uplift any look !!

  3. The Glass Bangles are the jewelry of the women. Women like this.

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