Friday, 11 November 2011

Combination Look !!

If you would have read my previous post you know we celebarated my Dad's B'day last week , this week again we had some extended b'day celebations for which I decided to combine 3 different things to make a look.
I wanted orange color to pop out so kept other things neutral.

Here I am wearing orange satin/lycra casual pants (self designed)
Embellished grey top , black wrap , black peeptoe and grey pearls.

If you notice , there are small bows at the bottom of the pants

I love adding detailing to my outfits so thought of addding bows to the pants to give it a twist. I love bows , I find them very girlie and cute :)
When I got these pants made my hubby said hahaaaha are these your new pajaymas ??
I look at him and asked him what made him say that ?? He told me satin reminds him of night wear??
Uuummm time to retink hubby dearest !! Satin is a versatile fabric and can be used for many looks !!

This is one of my quickest look, I decided the combination in like 10 seconds !!

I love designing my clothes, my favourite place to buy fabrics in Delhi is Nehru Place. Its a fashion hub there you can find all lestest trends prints and fabrics. I got the fabric for the orange pants from Nehru Place.
One can easily design such casual pants you be innovative by using ombre fabric, ditsy prints(small prints), animal prints and contrast color bows and flowers.
Even the pants can be done in different fabrics.. like chiffon, georgette , poly crepe etc .

I love pearls , I wish I can buy all the possible colors available :)
Here I am wearing greyish pearl necklace which looks more golden though in the image.

Since I wanted the orange pants to pop out so kept other things neutral/balanced.
I did peach make up , applied peach eye shadwow ,mascara ,coral lipstick and wore black eye shadow as liner.

Hopr you guys liked the look !


  1. i couldn't read much, but saw ur look... n it looked pretty Orangish .... :D

  2. @iRule iCommand- oohh yes!!! Orange is my favorite color ! The idea was the make orange pop out !

  3. Loved ur creativity kannu....
    u lukng pretty :)

  4. I am so loving the pants and the sequinned tank!!!
    and you designed it- woooowwww

  5. totally love the whole look :) and the makeup complements the whole look so well!!! thumbs up!!!

  6. @Anu- Thanks sweetie :)
    @Bee-Same here they are my fav!!Designing is my passion :)
    @Suma-Thank u thank u !! Im blushing :)

  7. u r very brave to wear the trouser......... nice look

  8. @Ani- hahahahaa ... I like experimenting !!