Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Casual Day look

I love brownssss... be it bags, apparel , footwear or makeup ...
I  also like brownie , chocolates , cola etc... so their a strong bond on love with brown in my case :P

For a casual day look , I decided to opt for the neutral route

Here I am wearing plaid tunic , teamed with skinny jeans , brown footwear and brown bag .

A close up pic of the bag , this is one of my fav bag , got this from China :)

I kept the makeup minimal , since it was day time :)


  1. Hie Kannu :)
    i love your bag dear,,
    love the casualness here :)

  2. Yay! You're wearing those ballerinas that i love! You look great!:)

  3. luv everythin... silly the bag !!

  4. @ Namita- Thanks sweetie :) This is a my fav bag:)

    @Swati- Yup they are very comfy :)

    @Rids- Thanks !!

  5. Hey hun! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog
    I am following you now. You are so pretty!

  6. @Prapti- Thanks for dropping by :)
    Love to hear from often from u sweetz !

  7. looking simple and beautiful......... i liked the nude eye and lip makeup

  8. @Ani- Thanks sweetie :) I do this kinda look more often :)