Thursday, 17 October 2013

Some changes in my lifestyle

Today is the day when I plan to change my life , I noticed that I am getting out of shape and I still I am not doing anything about it , so I have decide to change my lifestyle .. and the sooner I start the better it is ...
I have planned to do following things to be more healthy and fit-
1- I will sleep early , max I should be in the bed is by 11 pm.
2-I will go for morning walk, this is very important as its the prime source to get fresh air and distress myself.
3-I will drink lot of water.
4-I will eat lot of fruits.
5-Light dinner , may be soup with some vegetables or toast.
6-Will take stairs instead of lift.
7-Will try to do some exercises.
8-Will avoid junk food especially chips, fried , burgers etc.
9-Will eat healthy food.
10- Will stay positive, yes its very important to be positive then only I can follow above mentioned things !

Tunic-  Lajpat Nagar 
Skinny pants -Allen Solly
Necklace-Lajpat Nagar
Earrings-Lajpat Nagar 
Statement rings-Dilli Haat 


  1. Love your style. It is so lovely.Colors are so cool and suiting you so well. Thanks for your Eid greetings on my blog. Following your blog . care to follow back ;)?

    1. @izdiher- thanks babes , i love experimenting with various looks ... have missed u a lot.. will be doing regular blog post :)

  2. i loved the neckpiece..u look so lovely....
    stay positive!! <3

    1. @Ritika- thanks babes , this is my current fav too ! yes i will be very positive now :)

  3. Pretty nail paint and your neck piece is lovely! All the best for the changes :)

    1. @Ash-thanks sweetie , im trying to be determined to follow my regime :)

  4. I need to bring some changes like these in my lifestyle too.

    1. @Mukta-im sure u can do it all you need is to to be determined and positive :)

  5. Replies
    1. @Manisha- Thanks dear and welcome to the blog :)