Thursday, 31 October 2013

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

There is no denying to the fact that I am shopaholic , I think by now you all know that !
So why do I shop like there is no tomorrow ? Well there may be no proper clarification as to why I do this but yes I am a impulsive buyer !

Things that I have been doing so far-

1-Nothing makes me feel better than buying new clothes. In my closet you can find more than 2 black trousers.
My explanation: I need black trousers often , I work in Healthcare sector and dress code is formal so I have to have a back up !!
Reality- I am practically not wearing all of them might have just worn that one wide leg trouser just once.
Plan of action - I am not buying more black trousers and will survive with the one I have for atleast 6-8 months.

2- I think I can buy shoes even in my dreams , I totally believe that give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world ! The higher the heel the better I feel.
My explanation : I need all types of shoes for work , party , shopping ...Flats , heels , wedges ..I should have it all ...
Reality- I have close to 75 pairs of shoes , out of which some 15 odd pairs have been never used till date ! I was allotted two closets just for shoes and now that is also over loaded !
Plan of action- I plan to wear all my shoes and have put a shoe ban on myself for next 6 months, I will donate the shoes I am never going to wear. Also will buy less heels and buy more practical footwear.

3-I can never have enough pink & orange lipsticks. My world is orange and nothing suits me better than pink and orange lipsticks !
My explanation : I look better when I smile when I am wearing my favorite pink and orange lipstick , I should have all the shades of these two colors to see which suits me better.
Reality- There are all the possible shades available of pink & orange lipsticks in my vanity , at times I have even got the same shade in a different brand.
Plan of action- Saying no to lipstick shopping for next 3 months at-least !!

4-I am always running late but I have a lot watches , I love colors and I even have a pink watch !
My explanation: Watch is the most stylish fashion accessory , if you have it flaunt it , I have yellow, orange , pink , golden , silver , etc watches. I love matching my watches with outfit, after all you should always wear the best of watches and shoes !
Reality-I have wasted a lot of money on high fashion brands like Ed hardy, Fossil , Esprit etc.
Plan of action- I will stop buying watches and save up enough for luxury brands like Cartier, Omega , Rolex etc.

5- Colors add happiness in life , what's better in this world to add a small dose of color through nail paints.
My explanation: I have been recently addicted to nail art , so I should have all the color nail paints in my collection, and how could I miss the new launches !!
Reality- Just like lipsticks I have same shades in nail paints especially pink & orange.
Plan of action- I have stopped picking up shades I already have and plan to finish the ones I already have !!

Blouse- Zara
Bangle-Lajpat Nagar


  1. this is a real nice post.... loved it...

    1. @Tarry-thanks dear & welcome to the blog :)

  2. nice post kannu, good luck with the shopping ban :)

    1. @Saumya-thanks dear hoping to stick to my commitments !!

  3. very nice post kannu..all d best

  4. this is a really lovely attire... & I totally agree with every single point!!!
    Also, now I want an orange lipstick!!!! hahaha

  5. @bee-hehehee when I'm trying to control my urge how do I stop u from buying .,, Lolz

  6. Love the blouse and bright lippie!

  7. You look lovely dear!
    Andi m loving that orange lipstick...gorgeous!

  8. @richa- thanks sweetie orange is my fav !

  9. u look lovely sweetie...very smart

    my recent one :