Thursday, 10 October 2013

Outfit : Mint pants and floral shirt

When winters are almost knocking at the door , I decided to dig into my "very summer" wardrobe and wear the clothes which I might be wearing again in next season....
One such outfit that I totally loved wearing this season is this floral shirt.
I realize at times when you don't plan to shop at all you find the best of products , that is how I found this outfit. I feel the chill in the air these days so sticking to 3/4th sleeves now a days ! With Navratras and Durga Pooja there is a festive feel around , I also feel like wearing a saree at work ... heheheee.... now ask me "do I know how to drape a saree " my answer will be "nooooooooooooo" , but still I aspire to wear it ! Hoping to take some tips from saree draping videos , "fingers crossed" !!!
So coming to what I wore ....

And this is what happens when we try to click serious pictures for the blog ....

This is my favorite necklace , I wear it almost every week !

Shirt- Gk I, M block 
Trousers- Tommy Hilfiger 
Skinny Belt- Gk I, M block 
Footwear- Carlton London
Kirpan necklace-Gifted
Multi Bangle- Gifted
Neon pink hoops- gifted 


  1. Nice Outfit :) Love the mint trousers...

    1. @pearl- thanks babes , these are my fav too :)

  2. Lovely Outfit of the day dear!
    I am loving your poses & the mint trousers ..... :)

    1. @Richa - thanks sweetie :) hehehee i keep posing randomly ...

  3. Trouser shade is such treat to my eyes :) I love pastels <3
    You look very pretty dear :)

    1. @vipra- me too in love with the Color , thanks babes :)