Wednesday, 30 October 2013

10 Things I want do this diwali

1- The first and foremost is buying iphone 5s ... Now I am confused which color to pick.... well a lot of people suggested golden , what do u guys suggest ? Golden , silver or grey ??
2- Clearing the mess , isn't this what Diwali is all about ! I have so many things that I no longer use I think I am donating a lot of shoes and clothes this time !
3- Will make besan/atta ladoo for the Diwali pooja, oohh yes nothing can beat the homemade ladoos !!
4- Diwali is the time when we exchange gifts and meet people , I am planning to meet the relatives and friends I don't meet often.
5- I want to watch Krishh , though I am not sure who will accompany me for the movie but still I want to go ! I love movies with superheros theme <3 <3 <3 <3
6- I will learn how to play cards, yes still I don't know how to play cards ...
7-I will not burn crackers and save the environment from pollution !
8-I will make colorful rangoli to attack goddess of mullah , Aka Lakshmi mata as I have a endless wishlist :P
9- I will distribute sweets to weaker section of the society , lets try in bringing smile on someone's face this Diwali :)
10- Last but not the least I will decorate my house with divas and beautiful lights :)

Kurta- my creation 
Footwear-Lajpat Nagar
Lycra pajami- Amar Colony 
Bangle- My creation 
Statement ring-Dilli Haat 
Earrings-Lajpat Nagar 


  1. I wish all ur dreams come true..happy diwali

    1. @preethi-thanks sweetie wishing u a also a v happy diwali :)

  2. I pledged in school days Say no to cracker therefore I celebrate Diwali is diyas, candles and rangoli.

    1. @Shikha- very good this is what everyone should do ! say No to firecrackers !!

  3. lovely post
    loved your detailed neck design

    1. @Srinjla- thanks sweetie , the prime reason to design this outfit was this neckline !

  4. lovely list :) even I dont burn crackers. is baar mere saas sasur yaha hain so my diwali is hectic

  5. @Bee- heheee have fun with family dear :)

  6. Cute look! New post in my blog! I'd love it if you take a look at it :)

    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG

  7. @Nilu- Thanks dear , saw yr post babes :)

  8. I think 9 out of 10 in my list would be about shopping :D
    btw shot the snaps in the office restroom? sorry could not help noticing the tiles :P:P
    and hey do stop by at my blog.. think you like my post on diwali accessories

    1. @Priyanka- heheee we are all crazy for shopping !
      yes u r so right .. it was a busy day buy the time I got a little free it was already sun set so had no other choice ... sure il chk yr blog babes :)

    2. I can imagine - my usual backdrop is my balcony - that is the only place where the light is ok. Plus after stepping out, we get so caught up & forget to click..
      Tell you what, some of my best candid pics are in the bathrooms of hotels/pubs.. for some weird reason :D

    3. heheee i so agree with u Priyanka :) There is so much that we girls do the whole day ... pphhewwww