Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas gifts !!

Xmas is round the corner & hubby dearest is gifting me awesome stuff !
He gave me the liberty to shop online & get cosmetics ....I admit the fact that I am a shopaholic but promised myself not to buy for sometime but Xmas gave me a perfect reason to be greedy :P

I just placed an order with are running annual sale on their website & I just could not resist ...

I am getting myself following products.....

1-NYX Round Lipstick Louisiana.I have heard a lot about NYX lippies so wanted one desperately ! NYX is known for its variety of shades so I opted for a vibrant shade. Lets hope this turns out good !

2-Bourjois Little Pot Blush in lilas-d'or-  Bourjois is a known brand for blushes and after reading Namita's review on her blog here I was sure that this product is worth trying.

Apart from this I am getting myself plazzo pants made in printed fabric .It would look somewhat like this ..
I have not taken similar print , mine are different :P 
I promise to do a post wearing them soon :)

So what are you getting yourself for xmas ?


  1. the blush n nyx round lipstick !! perfect gifts.. !!! i got me lotsa stuff too... ll be flaunting em soon... hehehehe

  2. I am getting credit card bill for Christmas :P and no hubby to pay for it too*sigh*

    Btw, Do post the pictures of the pants:)

  3. hi... i am also ordered my first nyx in shade blush, after google search, don't know how it will be. i have also ordered for nyx lipgloss in shade Kiss & Lakme compact from stylecraze. may be receiving it today or tomorrow.

  4. @Riddhi- Wow gr8 , share yr list soon !

    @Emm- aaaawww ... will surely do the post :)

    @Jayashree- wow , lets hope u like it !

    @Rakhshanda - thanks sweetie !

  5. You got to be a lucky girl to have such a husband !!! Although I am still way before having a husband :p

    Well thank you for loving my post.Keep visiting again.And yeah Me too just fell in love with the red lips...that is why I had to post a close of Anna along ;)

  6. @Apurva- aaawwww yeah I feel blessed to have him by my side :) I am sure u will also find yr ultimate man soon ! I am so glad that we met through blogging , u r a lovely person ..huggsss :)

  7. you are totally going to rock that lip shade and the blush,,
    and when are u posing in the plazzo pants??

    Bless you n your sweetheart :)

  8. @Namita- Guess what I am in love with the lippy already ! U r so right ... Will post the pix soon in plazzo pants :)