Friday, 2 December 2011

Studio J works !

Studio J is is a fun brand where they create outfits with a twist keeping in minds the latest trends.
Their designs are very young and interesting !

Some of their creations .....

I like all their styles especially the black dress with the bows detailing :)

You can visit their FB page -

Incase you want to get in touch with the designer than can shoot a email,


  1. @Swati- I agree :)

    @Bee- Trust me they look like dream dresses when you see them in reality :)

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  3. Wow, what an innovative bunch of brains behind these makes :) Nice post girl, you seem to be a fashion lover, so am I , check out my blog ;) We can be blogger friends if you want. ^_^

  4. @apurva- Sure we can be blogger friends :) good to know we have same interests !

  5. Heya well no I am not from fashion industry but I do like to associate myself to the same stream ;) I am a graphic designer by profession.Btw I saw that you are from delhi too....high 5 cz even I am from Delhi ;)

  6. @Apurva- Good to know more about , wow another in common we both are from Delhi , btw dropped a email , do chk :)