Friday, 2 December 2011

Lets Create Section

Creating new things is always fun !
So now there would a section dedicated to creating new things :)
Here we will discuss about the new creations , showcase your creations and in case you need my help any where in designing I am more than happy to do that :)

Let me know how do you guys find this concept ?


  1. @Jasmeet- Thanks for the support sweetie :)

  2. this sounds fab :)
    Kannu- I have a gray cardigan and I want to jazz it up so I got some pearls to sew on- should I sew them only on the lapel or on a little part like shoulders??? this is the cardigan:

  3. @Bee- Your cardigan looks cute :)
    I suggest the following options to jazz it up-
    1- You can add a contrast color brooch in a silver/red/fuschia in rhinestones or a floral brroch.
    2- You can sew the pearls on the front part randomly and on sleeves. Also u can make some motifs like flowers...
    3- Since its a grey cardigan I suggest add a pop of color by adding a vintage Chantilly look by using colors like red/orange/fuschia or if u want a subtle look then may be a black Chantilly. You can randomly cut Chantilly and sew it with a contrast thread and put it on the front facing and diagonally on sleeves.
    4- Sequins is also "IN" this season , so may be u can add sequins lines in the front part in may be silver or contrast colors or a multi color look.
    5- Satin flowers look- I am sure you must be knowing how to make satin ribbon flowers . Adding random flowers in red or any contrast color will give it a very nice girlie look.

    Hope the suggestion are useful and do share the pic of yr creation :)

  4. Oh wowww Kannu- those are fab suggestions... thanks so much- will decide and show you once I start... (when this stupid cold and fever subsides) but thanks so much

  5. @Bee-My pleasure , now I can't wait to see which style you will finally opt for :P
    Wish u a speedy recovery sweetz ! even weather here is getting bad !

  6. well u have designed so much stuff for me and i absolutely adore each n every one of them :))
    guys do take advantage of this opportunity :))

  7. @shamaila- aaaaawww how sweet of u say that :) huggggssss