Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to impress a guy ?

If you have met a guy , you really like him and wondering how to impress him , then I hope this article will help you. Here are some do's and dont's to follow -

1- Be Yourself- Don't pretend to be what you are not ! Be confident just be yourself ! Be natural , fake attitude will not take you any where....If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that you cannot change who you are to fit someone else. When you do this you might lose out on a really great attribute that you have.

2- Dress Classy But Modestly - Guys feel that women are much more attractive when they dress modestly than when they dress like wannabe--at least if you want any kind of lasting attraction. There is just something pleasant and relaxing about seeing a girl who looks good and who doesn't have to depend on exposing herself in order to look good in the process. Classy modesty is beautiful. To quote one author: "Men aren't faithful to hookers, so why would you dress like one?" A point well taken, I hope.

3- Smile-Guys always like a bright smile, have an open and honest smile. They think you're really easy to talk to, confident, sexy and a lot of fun! It works.

 4- Acknowledge your crush's presence- A little hello or hi when you see your crush will go a long way. It will tell them that you want to get to know them better and they'll know who you are. As time progresses you'll have longer conversations as you will know each other better. 

 5-Conversation-Don't feel ashamed of sharing your feelings with him. make him feel that you can share any thing with him with out any hesitation.Don't be to brief and don't talk too much. Too brief, he cannot understand you perfectly. Too much, you will overwhelm him. And remember a sweet smile all the time.

6-Touch him- Guys like it when girls occasionally touch their arm every once in a while during a conversation. It gets their feeling sensation moving.

7-Smell Good- Use perfume and body mist very lightly so you do not gag him. Guys like woman smelling good ! Remember not to use very strong fragrances ! You don't want to be a attention seeker....

8- Makeup is fine-Guys like girls for the looks for sure !You can do makeup but  in moderate amounts. If you look like a clown, you're not going to get him. You should have a healthy glow on your face.

9-Don't suffocate him -Don't try to be around your guy ALL THE TIME! It makes a guy feel suffocated. Not good. If you're too possessive, he'll get scared away.  This is a major turn off, and it does make it look like you're obsessed. Even if you are obsessed, you do not want to show it.

10- Get him gifts-  Surprise him. Bring him flowers or chocolates on the first date, instead of always expecting to receive them. Men like special gifts, too.Also the gift given the first time holds a special memory.


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