Friday, 23 December 2011

Nehru Place Visit

Me and and my BFF Anu visited Nehru Place last weekend. Nehru Place is a my favorite place in Delhi to get latest and trendy fabrics.

Anu wanted to get a blazer as per her taste , I suggested Nehru Place as this is the perfect place to get all fabrics one could think of , also they offer a huge variety. From cotton to tweeds you can find everything here.

Tessuti is a new store that has opened there and they have a lot of new fabrics to offer. Anu was running short of time so we headed to this store.

 Thats Anu looking at some tweed options....It was her first visit to Nehru Place and I can tell already she is in love with this market ! There are about 10-15 fabric stores here & all of them have exclusive fabrics to cater !Mostly you can find all designers & exports coming to this market , as this is apt for them.

Some images of fabrics....

Thats Anu again , trying to look out for fabrics ...

About my experience in this store-
This is the second time I visited this store , they have new range of fabrics and give a discount of 10% if you get your membership card. The store has a wide range of fabrics , its a multi storey store where on one floor you will find all satin & silk blends, on the other floor there is more cotton & woolen blends.

If you are looking for variety of prints and fabrics then I am sure you will love Tessuti !!


  1. love the colors and textures of the fabrics !!!

  2. @riddhi- Im sure u will love it even more if u visit Nehru Place :P

  3. hey kannu just saw your interview at samyukta's blog! nice to know about you! all the very best! Following you through gfc! :)

  4. hey taps nice to see you here :)

    Kannudi, next time you have to take me to Nehru Place and Sarojini Market!!!! pakka se!

  5. @Manya- Thanks sweetie , will follow u back :)

    @Suma- For sure I will take u there :)