Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Outfit: Silver and Turquoise Saree

Its rare that I wear saree , honestly I don't know how to drape it :( . I think I need to learn soon how to drape it , every time can't be relying on parlors, friends and family for that ...I had to attend a wedding yesterday , I decided to wear a saree .. Thanks to BFF Daman , she drapes saree really well, without her being their it would have been impossible to get dressed at 9pm when there is no other option left !

This is hoe designed the back of my blouse , after all the grace of the saree depends a lot on the blouse.

Turquoise silver mukash saree- from Chandni Chowk
Blouse- My creation :)
Clutch- Kenneth Cole 
Jewellery- my personal stuff ...


  1. You look gorgeous <3 Love the eye makeup too!!!

  2. You look so pretty hun. I love turquoise blue and I love the blouse design!! <3
    Amazing outfit!! :)


    1. It's rear that I wear this Color I think I will get some outfits done in this color :)

  3. u looking gorgeous lovely saree and eye make up