Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Outfit :Chantilly dress in retro style

I have a inclination for vintage wear , especially chantilly .... I thinks its looks very classy & elegant. The moment I see chantilly I go back to the golden era where ladies were dressed in gowns and lovely dresses ... The best thing about chantilly is that its complete in itself , just accessorize well and you are ready to go !
I had to attend a mehandi function on Sunday , Punjabi functions means full on rock & roll and drinks !!
Yes the essential part of punjabi wedings is drinks !! Mehandi is a very casual function where close friends and family members are seen  in attendence.I wanted to do a casual and fun look so decided to wear my chantilly dress with tights.

I like it when hubby dearest gives his opinion about my outfit and look , it was his suggestion to opt for a red lipstick with this look :) 

Wearing -

Chantilly dress- My creation :)
Tights- Snowhite
Footwear- Catwalk
Golden Clutch-Gifted my Bhabhi 
Animal print necklace & earrings- From Colaba, gift from BFF Purvi 
Broad hairband- You shine 


  1. hey dear,,, m new reader of your blog.. very nice outfit.. cn u plz tel from where did u get the fabric?? have just started blogging.. check my blog too..

    1. welcome to my blog Shivani, I got this fabric from Nehru Place , Delhi.
      will surely check your blog :)

    2. Can you tell me some exact area or shops to look out for nice fabrics in Nehru place... Thank you :)

  2. Hy Shivani u can go to HP Singh :)

    1. Ok.. Sorry for bothering U so much.. Is there any particular clothes market??? Thanks

    2. In Nehru Place there are lots of fabrics shop ....