Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Gobhi Paratha

Paranthas and guys have a lifelong relationship ! Mostly all guys love paranthas ... My friend Kiki asked me to do a recipe post on gobhi parantha as her hubby loves it .. I was waiting for the right moment to do this post. My hubby's naniji(grandmother) is staying with us for a few days and I must tell you she is a wonderful cook and makes awesome parantha, so I thought I should ask the great chef naniji to share her recipe :)

Serves - 4-5 paranthas
Cooking time- 10 mins

Cauliflour-1, grated
Ginger - little bit, grated
Green Chillies-2, finely chipped
Ajwain- 1 tsp
Anardana powder- 1tsp
Salt-as per taste
Black pepper-1tsp
Red chillies-1/2 tsp
Wheat dough
Desi Ghree- 2 tbsp

Step my step recipe
Grate cauliflower , ginger and chop chillies.

Mix all the ingredients - salt,red chillies, ajwain and anar dana.

Make a roti and fill the stuffing , make sure you add more stuffing so that it tastes better.

try to secure the ends of dough like a Potli , btw thats naniji's hand :)

Put in a dry wheat and make a round shape with the help of belan, now put it on tawa, cook it on low flame for better and crispy taste. Add desi ghee while cooking the parantha on both the sides.

Cook it till its golden brown .

Can be served with Curd , lassi , white butter or yellow butter and green mint chutny.

I love my parantha with the butter....

Naniji make the best parathas in the world , I can be eating these paranthas in my dream too .... hehehhee

Hope you liked the recipe , do share your feedback and try this at home :)


  1. oh wow !!! tht looks yummyyyyyyyy !!!

  2. oh man.. naniji ke haath ka gobhi parantha.. thnks for the recipe kannu..
    am going to try it for lunch today..

    1. @kiki- gr8 try this im sure yr hubby will enjot his meal :)

  3. the paratha is looking so yummy !

  4. yumilicious paratha will surely try it :)

    1. Oohh yes u must try , I'm
      Sure u will like it 😃