Friday, 7 October 2011

Welcome to CookDoKoo :)

Hello everyone , so this is the first post of CookDoKoo... You must be curious to know what is CookDoKoo all about, well this is a cooking blog with fashion accent !
Here we will exchange recipes , talk about fashion and we can gossip too !! Lolz !!

I am Kannu Manaktala Wadhwa, married .. and looooovvveee cooking !
Many of of friends exchange recipres with me and suggested that I start a cooking blog , so here I am to help you with easy cooking tips and tutorials !
Though I am not a chef , never really learned cooking but still will try to help you guys as much as I can :)

I am a pure Punjabi from Delhi and you would notice that reflects in my cooking.
I would include a lot of videos in my cooking tutorials .

Apart from cooking I like designing my clothes and accessories so we would discuss a lot about it too :)
I am actually a dimploma holder from NIFT.

So on my blog we can discuss cooking, fashion and any other stuff that intrests you !!!!
After all girls just want to have fun !!!!


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