Friday, 28 October 2011

Diwali Look & Chana Chaat

Diwali is one of my favorite festivals , you get a chance to meet all your relatives , eat loads of sweets , exchanging gifts, parties etc etc ..
This year on Diwali I decided to wear green & black traditional suit.

I did golden & green eye makeup

I have used 88 metal mania palatte golden & green eye shadow and lined my eyes with Bharat & Dorris green gel liner. Applied little mascara-Maybelline Colosal Mascara & Kajal.

I made Chana Chaat for Diwali party

Garnished it with finely chopped tomatoes ,onions, coriander , potatoes and green chilies


  1. so nice eye make up kannu............. i am greedy for the chaana....

  2. @Ani- Thanks sweetie ... Well actually the chana chaat turned out to be yuuuuuuuuuummm!!!