Thursday, 20 October 2011

Striking Stripes !!

Today is a very good day :) I work up early, cook breakfast & my hubby dearest is back !!
I am in a good mood so decided to make cheese omlette . Would share the recipe soon.
It turned out good :)

Since I am a good mood today , so decided to wear my new outfit :)

Details about the outfit-
Striper Tunic- FCUK
Yellow mesh top- From Lajpat Nagar
Fossil Crsytals white watch with silicon strap
Black Tights
Black Flats-Enroute

Now you must be wondering again in black tights ? Well tights & tunic is my favourite attire .. I have about 5 black tights !!

During my recent visit to Pune I picked a lot of hair accessories in floral accent.

My hair is straight , so just for a change I have done loose curls :)
I feel in love with this coral flower band , so just could not resist myself from picking it up.
Since these bands come in a set of two so me n my BFF Shamaila decided to share one each :)
I hope to see her in this too soon !!

I kept my look simple applied Lord & Berry silver eye shadow with no eye liner , Jordana rotating pencil in black as kajal & Lakme satin enrich lipstick #135.


  1. Liked the top... very nice and fall-kinds :)

  2. @EVE-O-LUTION- Thank u :) I combined two different things to make a set :P

  3. the flower in hair is beautiful.... ur looking so sweet..

  4. @Ani-Thanks :) You know I am in a floral accessories phase ! Got so many recently !Lolzzzz....

  5. I loved the yellow mesh top the minute i saw your first pic and then I went on to read that even that's from lajpat...i might have to put up somewhere close to lajpat when I am in delhi ;)

    The flower hair piece is super pretty!

  6. @Swati- Well I have to say that was a impulse buying ! The moment I saw it I fell in love !! Btw where are you from Swati ? Lajpat Nagar is cool place for shopping and there are other amazing shopping places too in Delhi :)

  7. loved the look and the combination of the tunic n that yellow top....
    the hair accessory is cute n u will surely get a pic of me in the same :))

  8. @ i m no angel - thank u sweetie :)
    Yes yes send a pic of you soon :)