Saturday, 10 August 2013

Outfit:Stripes tee and denim

Hello sweethearts , first of all sorry for being a a MIA for while , im back now :), with another outfit post.
Today is a casual day at work and I had a very busy Friday , Eid celebrations with friends and family followed by late night Gurdwara visit.Yes I am a religious girl occasionally I visit shrines.. so after sleeping at around 4.30 & then again heading for work today I just wanted to slip in my clothes, so I decided to wear comfy tee and denims ...
I think after ages I am wearing blue denim today ....I realized this when hubby dearest told me its been ages he has seen me in denims ... I guess your wardrobe completely changes when you work in corporate, that too for 6 days.
With just one Sunday , I am not left with much of options as already I plan to do lot of activities on that day.
Sometimes I ask myself I am totally a clothes person , what's happening to me ? Then my inner voice says that be creative with your wardrobe and do't let your designing die....

This is the first time I am wearing a matt black nail paint , im loving it ....If you are looking for a affordable and long staying nail paint , then do give a shot to Faces nail paints.. I am hooked to them , have 3 now .... and thinking to get more :P


Flip flops-Bata
Necklace-my creation :)


  1. I love Stripe Tshirts...I have a similar Nautical stripe Shirt that I just love! I loved how you paired it with a Chunky statemnet necklace...Looks really nice... :)

  2. @Richa-Thanks babes :) I love statement necklaces :))

  3. necklace your creation.. wow... Stripes are such a hit this season.. nice causal look

    1. @Shikha-thanks bes I love designing accessories :) .. yup I love stripes .. thinking to do a outfit post with stripes and floral soon :)

  4. Lovely outfit! You look very pretty! I love stripes these days and love your Tee <3

    1. @Rakshanda- thanks babes they are basic yet chic !