Saturday, 31 August 2013

Outfit : Grey & Black Comfy Zone

Sometimes it happens to me that in a week a crave for wearing super comfy clothes at work, So when I was doing my rounds of shopping this time I picked up this 3/4th sleeves tunic with pockets.sometimes I liked dressing up in casual outfits with statement jewellery. So when I wore this tunic I wanted to add some color to the look, I opened my accessory box and thought of teaming it with my neon bangles. Now you must be thinking that my previous post also had a pop of neon ... May be you can say its obsession stage with neon colors....

Lately I am obsessed with punjabi songs , to brush up my punjabi skills I talk with my bestie in Punjabi ...,hehheee ... Its so much of fun I tell u :)
I would recommend you all to listen to this punjabi song BA fail , you tube link , listening the song while watching the video is so much fun !!

Tunic-Tommy Hilfiger 
Jeggings- Customised
Necklace- From Janpath 
Footwear-Hush Puppies