Friday, 30 August 2013

Outfit : Neon Traditional With Side Braid & Nail Art

When everyone is going crazy for neons then why should I left behind ?? If you ask me , personally I love neon accents , they simply pop up a basic outfit ! I have loads of neon accessories , this is my first neon outfit.During my recent trip to fabric store I picked these fabrics , honestly when I was buying these fabrics I had no idea what I would be getting made out of it, but later I came up with a simply design with just a addition of gold & silver embossed gotta. Also I though it would be nice just to add a little bit of spark to the outfit as already the color is so vibrant.

So coming to the outfit and the look ... once I was dressed I was thinking to do a different hairdo and makeup. So then came the idea of doing winked eyes and side braid.

P.S.- I have clicked picture from my new camera Canon A2500 , some how the images look way too bright to me, any solutions ?

This is my first attempt to crease eye makeup :)

I did golden french manicure with black flowers :)

Traditional suit- my creation 
Footwear- Mom's , from Pune
Earrings-The Jewellery, GK-II


  1. Loved your nail and outfit and pretty you <3 :)

    1. @Gowthami thanks babes I love doing nail art these days and getting dressed is always fun :)

  2. This is my absolute fav outfit... Loved it on u :)
    Btw, what blush have u used? Looks fab

  3. @bee-thanks babes , this was just one such experiment which came out well I guess :), I have used colorbar blush here