Monday, 4 March 2013

Outfit : Blue & Brown

Life can change with a blink of eye... Everything is no unexpected here ....So one should enjoy life to the fullest and u love only once...
Spend quality time with loved ones and appreciate them , don't wait for another opportunity.
There are so many people in my life that I want to thank in every single day of my life especially my parents. I am what I am today because of them.
Another person who made my life beautiful and worth living is my hubby dearest :)
He is my best buddy and a wonderful life partner ..everyday I thank god for what I have been blessed with...
Life is beautiful ..always try to look at the positive side of it :)

So with a positive note I started my day today and decided to wear this....
Another reason why I decided to wear what I wore today is because I wanted to celebrate my new pumps from Woodland :))

Wrap- Vintage
Skinny trouser-Customized 
Blue top- H&M
Necklace-Art Attack
Golden Watch-Skagen
Antique gold cuff- Gifted by BFF Shamaila
Vintage earrings-The Jewellery

B&D gel liner in brown
Lipstick-L'oreal vivid rose
Colorbar Blush

Photo credits-
Mr. Hammad 


  1. Great outfit <3 Love your pants!!

  2. ur whole outfit and especially the pumps....and what u said is true..keep smiling

    1. @preethi-thanks babes , shoes are my first love .. just cant resist getting more & more !!

  3. the shoes *drool*
    you styled them so well :)

  4. Loved the whole out fit and Shoes are <3 keep rocking babes :))

    1. @Purvi- I think I am love with brown & beige these days .. for shoes my first preferance is always beige/n*de as compared to black....