Friday, 22 March 2013

Outfit : Bold Stripes trousers & pink shirt

Hello everyone , if you following me on instagram you would know that I wanted to do this outfit post from a long time but just got stuck with work ... finally today I promised to myself that I would be doing this post.
Every outfit has a little story behind it , hubby dearest shows interest in my day to day dressing. Once on TV he saw these bold stripes and suggested me to get similar pants but untill then he was not aware that I had already given the trousers for stitching , actually I designed a couple of jackets for him & some trousers for myself .. so this was a surprise for him. The moment I showed him the package containing his & mine stuff .. he was jumping in joy to see him jackets and also my trousers.
Stripes are in vogue & I also find then very classy & chic , so their was no reason that I could not get hold of these in my wardrobe !
I must say I am in love with these bold trousers , I even wore them to work.. attended a big meeting and felt awesome !

Pink shirt- customized 
Bold stripes trousers-customized
Black pumps-Pavers England

Makeup break up-
Garnier BB cream
Maybelline black gel liner
Oriflame lipstick Desert Rose 


  1. Replies
    1. @preethi- thanks babes first time I'm wearing his shade of pink :)

  2. Love your blouse <3 Great outfit!!

  3. @rakshanda- thanks babes !!

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